Where to find Illionois Landlord Tenant Laws?

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Hello All,

I have a property inside McHenry County in Illinois. Ive been trying to find my Landlord-Tenant agreement/laws. Ive done some googling and the document(s) Ive found have been skim and no help at all. Ive also called my town's and county's office and asked around several times but nobody knows what Im talking about.

Links Ive found:

Fair housing: (even called the phone number on the site)


Landlord-tenant act (this has barely any info)


Anybody out there able to tell me where to find this mythical document everyone seems to be talking about? Id prefer not to go ask a lawyer and just find the document myself.

Im hoping the document will answer things like:

At what temperature do I need to keep the house at during winter?

Do I have to provide tenants their own garbage cans?

How much can I charge for a deposit/application fee?

How fast do I need to have issues fixed? (obviously asap, but I want to know the legal definition)

etc etc etc...

Any help will be appreciated, thank you!

My apologies I just noticed the spelling error in the title. Of course, the forum doesnt allow me to edit. My apologies!

NOLO is a good start for any state. They also have a great book that I highly recommend as the best single source for new Landlords, Every Landlord's Legal Guide

The Attorney General provides guidance

American Apartment Owner's Association

There's plenty more. Do a Google search of "Illinois Landlord Tenant Law" and you'll find everything you need.

I have not heard of any laws concerning temperature settings. Check with the local municipality to see if they have any information.  Use common sense and you should be ok.

The tenant can set the temperature at any level they want within their unit.

If you control common areas 72 in the summer and 68 in the winter. Unless you have a problem with frozen pipes then jack it up in the winter.

If you control the temperature for an entire building then that is a different issue. What is too hot for one resident will definitely be too cold for another. So go for the middle ground.

Garbage cans: The only ordinance I have heard is where the city makes the landlord provide trash service. Never heard you had to provide trash cans. On the other hand bags laying on the ground outside will attract rodents, pests and other vermin. Might be worth it.

Deposit: Unless there is a local ordinance to the contrary the standard deposit is 3 months. If someone has a problem qualifying you may be able to ask more. Check with the municipality.

Repair time: What is reasonable and necessary. In an emergency situation respond immediately.

What does your lease say about response time after notice of issue.

If not an emergency we try to inspect within 24 hours and schedule the necessary repairs within 48.

@Nathan & @George, thank you so very much for the information! This is my first deal and the first time being a landlord. I did more search and I think I have a couple of leads on getting the info I need!

Also, thank you so much for answering my specific questions directly! Truly appreciated!