How do I prevent my mail from being sent to investment property?

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OK. So my wife and I bought our first investment property a couple weeks before Thanksgiving 2017.  How do I prevent my mail from being sent to that property?  I looked up the property on Baltimore City Tax website, and it indicates that I am an "absentee" (which I am), but it also indicates that my mailing address is the investment property address. Is this something I should be concerned about....or it's no biggie.

I just want to assure any mail sent from the city that needs my immediate attention is actually sent to my residence, and not the investment property.

When you purchased the property, they should have asked you where you want to receive mail. Regardless, just contact them or stop in and update your mailing address.

At closing, you should have had the opportunity to list your address as your true home/mailing address on the paperwork

@Coles Mercier

I had the same issue. I gave the county assessor a call and told them to change it to my correct mailing address. The last thing you need is to not receive a tax bill.

See "Property registration" baltimore housing. Make some calls to baltimore housing if the website isnt helpful

@Nathan G. Are you suggesting I go back to the title company and have them make the correction??

@anthony, that’s exactly what I am trying to avoid.

@Jeffrey H. Thanks for the advice...I’ll get on it Monday, if contacting the title company doesn’t work

Good Afternoon @Coles Mercier

Here in Houston you have to go online to (county appraisal district), go to the forms link and print out the form to update owner address. That can either be mailed in or dropped off at the location. I actually had everything noted during closing, but for some reason the investment property showed as my home address. I just had to work on getting this corrected a few days ago.

@Coles Mercier  

Go to and you can "forward" mail for a year or simply change your address with USPS.  The address change tool is at the same URL.  It costs a mere $1.00 to validate your identity and you'll get all kinds of discount coupons in the mail that more than make up for the petty expense.  It's a catch all service and anything in your name gets sent to the address you specify.  It won't affect your tenant's mail because the change is based on your name.  Good luck!

@Amber Koontz I am going to look into Baltimore City Office to see if there is a way...thanks for sharing your experience.

It is very easy to change your mailing address for your property tax bill in Maryland. The form is on the SDAT website.

The form is at

Failure to change the address is the number one reason properties end up in a tax sale.  Tax offices get so much returned mail.

Contact SDAT and Baltimore Housing to change your mailing address directly with those two entities, and then contact USPS to have all the rest of your mail forwarded.  Congratulations on the purchasing your first unit!

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