Where to start with no capital

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I want flip 2 houses this year.  And purchade at least 3 investment properties.

Due to an eviction from hell on my sole property.  I currently don't have much cash..like none and the eviction is going to court.  How do I start over and fast?

@Toshi Countryman-bey

One thing you can do is find the deals and partner with someone that has financing and/or experience. If you attend local investor group meetings you'll be able to find investors that have the funds or access to the funds.

Im in New Britain CT area. I have access to contractors and know  they do great work.  Also handmen and landscapers.  I have my eyes on a couple properties $40-$50k range and need to move with the weather soon to break. A lot of great properties will be gone.

It's great to have goals and dreams but there needs to be dose of reality mixed in. I suppose we could all cheer you on and give you advice on how to "10x" your goals and flip 20 houses this year and purchase 30 investment properties, but that's like encouraging someone to jump off a 30-foot diving board after watching them belly-flop in a kiddy pool.

You have one rental that has fallen apart and eaten up your cash. I recommend you fix what you've got before trying to take on more. Build a solid foundation first, then try to expand.

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