Landlords beware!!! Tenants have a new way to cheat.

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A property manager in Florida just received an application from someone using something called a "Renter's Identification Number" instead of a social security number. They've researched it and discovered this new service that helps people qualify for rentals even though they have bad credit, broken leases, history of late payments, or other negative issues on their record.

From what I can see, the applicant submits their information to the web site and pays a hefty fee. An attorney rubber stamps it to give it a modicum of legitimacy and then hands it off to a lackey referred to as a "case manager". The case manager then works on behalf of the applicant to get into a rental. When the Landlord or Property Manager questions the applicant's qualifications, the case manager throws in some legal mumbo-jumbo or an official-looking letter that says there's no risk because the applicant has been screened by the attorney. 

I personally wouldn't accept it for a minute.

Read it for yourself at Second Chance Rental Program

LOL!  That is hilarious. Oh well, "credit repair" like anything can be a scam.  Thanks for the heads up. Hope I get to vet one of these idiots in my tenant screening someday, for fun!

Wonder if the aggressive and supportive "Case Manager" would stand up legally, as co-signor for their "client" on the lease?  Crickets..................I thought so. LOL. This made my day Nathan.  

Hi Nathan,

Thanks for sharing, I saw this yesterday on one of my real estate property management feeds. Life is never boring property management!!!

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