Self managed rental turn over support in Colorado Springs

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I have a rental property turnover coming up in early July in Colorado Springs and I happen to have already scheduled a vacation during the time when I'll need to turnover the house (bad planning on my part). I manage the property on my own and am not interested in handing over all the management to a property manager. I am anticipating having a tenant already lined up and ready to move in when the current tenants vacate, but I'd like to have a company come in and basically get it ready and hand over the keys to the new tenant so I can enjoy my vacation and know all is taken care of. So it's more than a cleaning service, but less than a full property management turnover service. I already have a strong lease and have successfully pre-leased the property every year I have owned it on my own. Any suggestions on what companies to reach out to in the Colorado Springs area for this, and is there a name for this kind of service? 

Sarah I would contact Colin Smith at Solid Rock Realty. They deal with rentals and property management along with most other aspects of real estate. They are investor friendly. I have been attending a REIA meet up they run and they seem like an all around squared away group.

@Sarah Humbargar

Just wanted to say hi see what you are up to regarding real estate. Have a friend that lives in Pueblo West and is very active in real estate. Buyers from the springs is fueling the land home packages as prices are so much cheaper in Pueblo West. Lets collaborate sometime?

@Sarah Humbargar so perhaps  you won't need as much help as you think. Since you are showing the property to prospects, you can arrange to have many of the issues addressed prior to them moving out. I don't like to do this but it can be done to smooth the transition to the new tenant. You can hire a locksmith to change the locks and give the new tenants the keys. As for cleaning, there are a number of ways to deal with that. Promise it clean and work with the existing tenants to make sure it will be clean (think move-out cleaning checklist). If it's not clean, have the new tenants document and have your cleaning people come over and address the items.

There is no need to have a licensed property manager do this. You can hire a friend or trade work with a fellow investor.

By all means use a property manager if you feel the need. You seem pretty hands on so just thought I would suggest a few things that might help.

Let us know what your find Sarah.  I would be curious to hear if companies do something like this.  i.e.  PMs without a annual lease and agreement, and cleaners that can turnover properties.  I have PMs and Cleaners, but not in the middle like this.  Curious what it would cost if you found someone.