The elementary school principal called me about my rental .

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No she didnt want to rent it . She was calling to verify a tenant that wants to enroll their children  ( this house is in a very sought after school district ) .  She asks if I am the owner and what my personal address was .  ( to verify if I am the owner )  Then she realizes she knows me , she is  one of my customers .  She reads the tenants name , and I stop her right away . NOPE , they are not a tenant .  So I ask her to read me the lease , she says its 1 regular page , rent is $1000 a month utilities included .  In this county they also want to see a utility bill in order to register for school , so having utilities included is a great excuse for not having a bill . I tell her its a fake , my lease is like 12 pages , and I Never include utilities . 

I talked with her and she tells me this is a BIG problem in the county . Especially closer to Baltimore city . 

Well done. If they want their kids in a different school district, they should work hard and find a way to move.

My husband's parents had lied about their address, but they were in the same school district, just not the school boundary for the HS they wanted for their son. But that was the mid 80s. Ancient history.

It's interesting to know there are fake leases out there floating around, along with the fake pay stubs and fake references.

M Marie M., as an investor and landlord I can say without a doubt you will encounter fake references. Some people submitting an application will give you the phone number of a friend, family member or other person who will lie for them, posing as an employer or a past/present landlord. I learned this early on when we were using a local tenant screening service. The screener would simply call the number listed and ask does so-and-so work there or live there, and not do the simplest of diligence to determine if the number was an actual employer or landlord.

Lately I have had people show me photocopies of pay stubs, which in my opinion could easily be faked.

In reference to the original post, recently I did have a school principal call and leave a VM message, asking me to call back and verify a resident. I called her back several times. She never answered, the call always went to voice mail and her mail box was always full. That in itself makes me wonder...

An end to end solution that handles your online rental application to tenant screening is useful here. It gives you a paper trail and all of your data in one place. PM me if you need any help with something for this.