Seattle has lost its mind ??

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Large cities run by Democrats (and increasingly, Republicans) will continue to erode the property rights of private citizens. It won't be long before the mom-and-pop investors are unable to keep up and everything will be handled by Property Managers or large corporations.

That is how the Seattle City Council Theocracy is run. They project their religion (social justice) on the city and try to have it run the whole state. I hope this is a pendulum swing that is to the far left and will change over time... with Sewant in office I am really doubtful that we will see it swing anywhere near “center”.

What's even worse is the legislation that this "blue" state passes often applies to our "red" side of the state. Spokane, Wa suffers a lot as a result of the Seattle-side government. 

Seattle should look at what is taking place in NY right now. There is a good 3 part series on rental issues in The NY Times this week. The landscape is changed when the Mom and Pops are out of the picture. And it is not to the present tenants benefit.

Here in N.J. we are having issues with "professional" landlords and LLC's. Legislation is coming down the pipe that will punish the many of us because of the greed of a few.

As a professional property manager hat does business in Seattle I have to agree the city council has lost its mind. While the city council’s societal heart may be in the right place (for the tenants getting priced out of the Seattle) the onslaught of recent ordinances (1st in time application - challenged and overturned in Court, limits on move-in costs / pet fees, no criminal checks, etc.) these have in many cases encroached and/or completely ignored landlord/property owner rights and create such complex regulations that it is in many cases not feasible or cost effective for small mom & pops to manage their own properties, so they reach out to pros and pass the costs along to the tenants.