Lawn services on SFR(s)

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I currently have a SFR and my property manager talked me into adding lawn care. They advised it would attract better tenants. So instead of $625 a month, rent is $700. The lawn care is $80 a month for two cuts during the season and $40 for one cut in the off-season. Do you all think that this service should be provided for SFR(s)?

It looks like your tenants are paying for it through the rent.  I don't see a problem.  You could offer it as an option to your tenants which would give you more flexibility.  Some tenants will appreciate not having to worry about cutting the grass.  Others will appreciate the lower rent.

It should make unit more appealing to tenant knowing they do not have to maintain exterior.  Less work and more "luxury" items tends to attract a better tenant.

I guess I was thinking more in the future when I start raising rents that may make my price point to high for the market. But I like the option suggestion,  so instead of making it automatically part of rent. I would just say rent is this much but $100 more dollars you get lawn care. 

You live and operate in Georgia, right? That number of lawnmowings per month seems mighty small. Up here in southwestern PA during late spring/early summer I'm cutting my grass once a week and during late summer/early fall I taper down to once every second week until the middle of November. Then there's the regular tree and vine pruning. And the weedkilling. I'd try it, but make sure the property management company wasn't skimping on the job more and more as the months went by.


If I can figure out a way to incorporate the lawn care into the rent here in Florida, I do it! Tenants don’t care for a lawn like an owner or professional would. We have tons of HOA’s here in Florida, so they are always looking to fine someone if they grass isn’t cut and maintained. A whole other issue is watering the lawn. If I can set and kick the sprinkler box, I do that too. They are notorious for shutting it off