CONTEST: Dirty Toilets

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Dirty Toilets

New to Landlording? Urine for a treat! Experienced Landlords deal with crappy tenants that piss us off by leaving their (tread) mark while they sneak out the back door. This is an opportunity to rage against the latrine and share some cheeky humor while dumping on bad tenants.

Butt seriously, just roll with it until we're flush with pictures!

These were taken today in a 6-plex that I am under contract to purchase. Tenant has occupied for over 20 years and owner has never been inside until now. Yes, the rest of the apartment is just as bad.

Don't let me down, @James Wise !!!

@Nathan G. I've got nasty toilets for days.

What are the rules here? 

1 toilet per post?

Opponent must counter punch with a disgusting toilet before the other guy can post another horrible toilet?

1st guy to run out of nasty toilets looses?

I doubt anyone can beat you but it's worth seeing what everyone can bring to the table.

Originally posted by @Nathan G. :

I doubt anyone can beat you but it's worth seeing what everyone can bring to the table.

 Fair......Here is my counter to your nasty toilet.

Tenants from hell. Nasty Toilet. James Wise.

Originally posted by @Linda D.:

@Nathan G. ,

Do you get extra points for large bowel movements left in the toilet?     

Unfortunately, I never take pictures of the toilets, just instruct them to be removed ASAP. 

 You gotta get pics! That stuff is gold.

Originally posted by @Dawn P. :

Not nearly as disgusting as the one @James Wise posted, but here ya go.  I should have taken the winterized sign off before taking the pic...or maybe not, lol.

 When a tenant from hell attempts to clean a toilet they often forget about the back of the toilet.........GROSS!

This one was a treat. Took over management of an apartment building. This tenant was an old, chain-smoking, alcoholic veteran. The owner asked me to try working with the guy to get him on track but after six months I had to kick him out. Note the girlie mags. The bathroom was filthy but the tub looked like it had never been used.

Ugh. I have seen some bad ones but (thankfully) never in one of my properties, only potential properties. Why did I open this thread? :D