What activities do you find most enjoyable as a landlord? Least?

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If you had to spend an hour on any landlord activity, what would be you favorite?

Mine? I'm a numbers guy. I love running the numbers on things. Make plans 2+ years down the line (haha those never work out but its fun as hell.) Making pro forma numbers for properties I want to buy.

Unfortunately, this activity is not necessarily the most useful.

@Alex Silang My favorite Landlord activity is watching the rent money being deposited into my account on the first of the month. I also like looking at the numbers in my spreadsheet.

Least favorite is dealing with a non paying tenant and having to evict them.

I also like looking for my next acquisition.

I run #’s like crazy! Glad to see some fellow kooks! When I am a spectator in a meeting I run down monthly and yearlies. Then I compute my next years with potential low/high rent increases and expense adjustments. I have pages all over the place!

I have enjoyed the landscaping we have done around our buildings because of the great response from the town and neighbors.

I also enjoy learning new tricks and technologies on here to deploy.

I would also add that I assisted/advised another person acquiring a rental property. I found that to be a very rewarding experience.

Collecting rent is definitely the best. It’s like a third payday, that I don’t do anything for lol.

Least favorite thing is probably tenant turnover. Expensive and no rent.

Favorite: Seeing that a new tenant has paid the rent on time.

Least favorite:  Scheduling showings for potential applicants.  And then they don't show up.