Statement/Summary of Charges for Tenant

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Hey guys, my first tenant is finally leaving and we have already completed the final inspection with them. They left the home in great condition with only a couple minor repairs. What document or form template do you use when you send your tenant a bill or a final statement/summary of charges? Just an email doesn't seem very professional, but I haven't had any luck finding a template online or in the BP FilePlace. Thanks!

Don't make it complicated. Just type up a very simple document that shows the original deposit amount, provide an itemized list of deductions, and then the amount of their refund. Some states may require you to include copies of the receipts for any deductions so be sure to check state law.

Thanks for the help guys! I was able to find a Microsoft Word invoice template at ( that was easily tailored to my needs. I didn't realize Microsoft had so many free downloadable templates online. That's good to know. I also bounced it off the local UT laws that I found here ( to make sure I wasn't leaving anything out. I'm going to start using a property manager for this unit from here on out, so I'm hoping I will be able to learn from simply seeing what forms they routinely use for different situations.