Property Investment Dashboards: Excel, Tableau, and...?

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I'm curious as to how folks on BP are tracking asset/investment performance after closing.

Most investors I've spoken with use some combination of custom Excel spreadsheets, Quickbooks or an alternative, and somewhat tedious reports from property managers. Some run the numbers monthly, others just once a year when it's time to file taxes.

I've built quite a few custom Excel spreadsheets but I find it somewhat challenging to translate the numbers into compelling visuals. I'm looking into Tableau but it seems complicated and is perhaps better for larger more complicated portfolios. Has anyone had success with Tableau for rental property data?

Have you found or built a visual dashboard (charts and graphs) that's easy enough to update and works for you? Something that tracks key metrics like cash on cash return, current valuation, occupancy, variances to budget, etc.. If so, would you be willing to post a screenshot of your dashboard here (change the numbers if you like) so we can all benefit?

I'm interested to hear what works too, I've seen a few options that can integrate with Excel such as Geckoboard, QuickBase, Klipfolio; and then you can make dashboards within Excel itself.  However, didn't know if there was a popular option out there.