One tenant doesn’t want to fill out app!

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Hey everyone! So I have an apartment up for rent that I showed to a nice couple a few days ago. After the showing I sent the woman the link to fill out the app and she did but the partner didn’t. I emailed back saying everyone over 18 that will be living there needs to fill out an app and she proceeds to say that everything will be in her name and the partner will not be there often, therefore the partner will not need to be on the lease. This sends up obvious red flags to me about the partners past but I really do not know what my options are here since they could argue the partner just went to see the place with her! Has anyone been in this predicament? If so what are my options? I would say it’s clear they are both going to be staying there. Can I say that she’s lying? Help!!! Any information would be appreciated. I just want everything the be clear and don’t want to worry about the neighbors having an issue (it is a small multi family) while staying legal! Thanks!

Personally I would just not call or talk to them again

What I do before I even show the place is text them a copy of the application and require they fill out the first page

Takes care of looky Lous

Don't give them another thought.

If they're noncompliant now, they'll alway be.

Let them be some other shmo's problem. 

Picture the backlash if it became public knowledge this "partner" was a serious and documented threat to society. You might be filling an entire apartment complex next month.

alright yes I’m definitely just going to be moving on. Thanks guys. I wasn’t sure if it was kosher just to cease contact. I am very new and the type of person that really needs things spelled out at times! Haha it’s very good to see all the responses, helps give me peace of mind.

My leases prohibit anyone not on the lease from staying on the premises for more than 14 days in any 6-month period. I would encourage you to have a similar stipulation in your leases.

As the other posts said, just move on. Never lower your screening standards by request of a tenant. Just tell them that you've decided to move on with the application process with another applicant.

I take a slightly different approach than what others have recommended.  The two times I have run into this, it's because one of the tenants was the main breadwinner and the other tenant had no income.  I explained I still needed all adults over 18 to fill out the application and sign the lease, because there is a criminal check involved also, but it was fine if only one person made the income requirements.  It would not disqualify them.  In both cases, the "other" tenant then had no issue with filling out the application also. 

With that said, if someone had still refused, I would have moved on.