Replace carpets - how often?

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Carpet was new when tenants moved in 6 years ago. 

Now they’re moving out and it’s ruined .

Should I charge them for it or 

should I be replacing it anyway? 

I think I read here once people 

Buy new every 5-6 years. 


a 6 year lifespan on carpet is very good. that should, in all likelihood, be considered reasonable wear and tear

The IRS depreciation schedule for flooring is five years.  I've been told judges around here disallow charges for carpets older than three years.  I would not charge the tenants for the carpets after six years.  

When you replace it I'd strongly consider something besides carpet.

Simply replace the cheap carpet that was put in and move on.  Here is a link to product life expectancies.  This says 8-10 years but not in a rental condition and not cheap carpet.  The really cheap stuff you are lucky to get 5 yrs out of it.  I would look for a better product.  The trend is vinyl plank flooring but no experience with it.

This was not a cheap carpet . I 

was going to live there but rented out instead . 

So 6 years is long enough to not charge tenant, although I’ve no idea how it got shredded .

I wanted to have it cleaned and now I have to replace. 

Vinyl plank is the way to go - got it . 

Thank you everyone!

I feel like fighting for carpet in court is nonsense and usually the tenant wins. 6 years for carpet is a long time in my rental world. Lately I am putting laminated wood or ceramic in all my rentals sometimes I will put carpet in a bedroom but never in living room.... too much damage occurs in the living area