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So I have a cottage I was looking to lease and ended up putting two guys in it who are friends. Guy #1 moves in and shows his dad from out of town where he‘ll be living who is in town for Labor Day weekend and to clean out a storage so he can get back out of town. Guy #2 hasn’t completely moved in, helping his mother move out of her place. Guy #1 texts me at 3:11am saying “my dad broke into the cottage, bathroom window is demolished”. Holiday weekend, no contractors are available to replace the window. I mean this thing is fubar. Guy #2 paid first months rent and security deposit, guy #1 has no money vested into this yet. They both signed the lease and understand that all damages are to be paid for by security deposit. Not only all that, guy #1 father destroyed the neighbors mailbox as well and they had the cops out there to files charges and whatnot. Should I just evict these guys? Been there four days, ruined my bathroom, messed up the neighbors yard and have made me look like a complete *** to the neighbors. Would you already evict or fix everything and forget?

Back up a second . Let’s learn more about these guys .. are they both on the lease and did you get first months rent AND  a security deposit atleast equal to one months rent ? Did you carefully screen these men checking their past their income their social media their credit ? and how old are these people it sounds like your describing teenagers here . most problems like this are prevented by the screening process 

@Dennis M. Neither one of them use social media. Have accounts but are not active. Use it to stay in touch with distant family memebers. None of this was caused by the actual tenants. Guy #1 and his dad got into an argument about something they had in storage so while they were both at work guy #1 dad broke in through the bathroom window to get disputed object and left to go back home where he lives in Tennessee.

Sorry I apologize .i should have read that closer .it sounds more like it was a psycho father involved than the actual tenants . I would obviously have a sit down with your tenants and explain this can never happen again they are responsible for the actions of who they invite and the damages will have to be fully paid by them out if the deposit or billed . I’d also request they speak with their neighbor and formally apologize for the fathers foolish behavior . As much as it is ridiculous you can’t hold it against the tenants themselves completely being they never actually did it . Maybe the dad is a drug user or raging alcoholic and got set off .id  Keep this event in your mind and if this kind of foolishness continues I’d look for ways to rid of these people and tell that too . Inform them this behavior is unacceptable and must never happen again or will result in eviction 

Not sure if it's too late, but maybe call the cops and have them give him a trespass warning letting him know he isn't allowed there. If he comes back call the cops and have him arrested. If you don't know the neighbors, go introduce yourself and apologize. Give them your number so they can call if there's anymore issues. 

Did the tenant who's father did the damage offer to pay out of pocket for the repairs? That says a lot about the kind of person he is. If he didn't, let him know he's going to be billed for the damage.

In my opinion, please make your property is evicted as soon as possible, as per what you are explaining they seem like retard. you never know what next is their in disposal. so before it gets too late, please take a wise call and get them billed for the damages they have done and move them off. I am sure we all have seen the movie "BAD NEIGHBOURS". !!!

@Joseph Gambino I would let the tenant know that you will make he repairs but that you will be charging him for the repairs. Then I would make the repairs and add the repair cost to the next month’s rent statement.
@Joseph Gambino evict and never rent to friends or family or friends of friends or family or neighbors friends or family. If you evict them now you learned a good cheap lesson, if you wait you will have more stress and drama and waste more money. It will also be harder to get rid of then later as they will become more entitled and ensconced

Security deposit is for move out issues.  Make them pay for damages today and file warrant against the intruder.  Did you require regrets insurance?  I'd start eviction today and find a tenant without the drama that these guys will have.  You probably need to revisit your tenant screening process as well.  

@Joseph Gambino as a side note I’m n my 3rd contractor in a row I have to fire so mistakes are inevitable but just try to develope a stress free, cheap process to deal with them in the future. I tried to hire @Dennis M. But he will only take payments in McRibs and they are not seasonally available
@Joseph Gambino - don’t deduct the repair from deposit, bill the tenant to be paid upon receipt so you don’t lose leverage if other issues come up in the future. Also, check your lease agreement and see If It has clause stating that payment will be applied to fees or repair caused by tenant or tenant’s guest first then balance apply to rent if so, you can always evict for short of rent. Good luck.
@Steve B. He wasn’t staying there. He was in town for a day so guy #1 and the dad could clean out a storage unit. Found an item I guess they disputed about so the dad waited til they were both gone and broke in the get disputed item. It’s a crap situation for guy # 2 who paid all the money and hasn’t even moved in completely.

Ask the son how he would like you to proceed. Either #1. he can pay the damages himself and you can file a no trespass order against his dad or #2. you call the police and have the dad arrested for breaking and entering and destruction of property. From the sound of it he has no issue paying for it, so I wouldn't feel bad about it at all. His family, his problem. You're not supposed to eat the cost because his dad has issues. I also wouldn't evict them, it isn't their fault. As stated by others, deposit is for move out. This must be paid for immediately. Make sure you get that in writing also. If he backs out, then you have proof for court.

@Joseph Gambino Not sure what AL laws are, I'm in MS. Here the tenant is also responsible for guest, family ect. I can and have executed a 30 vacate or fix the problem. If they offer to fix the problem, fine continue with the lease. If something happens again, within 6 months, next round only give them 14 days. Doing this, I thinks, sets a precedent that you are going to enforce the lease to the fullest. File charges with the police on the father and ask for a trespass in case the does come back into town. I would apologize to the neighbors myself also.