How would you handle this sad situation - tenant suicide

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I saw this online today.  How would you have handled it?

"Woman battles landlord after husband commits suicide and she moves out"

The tenants were a young couple.  The husband had been in the military & had an accident which caused PTSD. He took his own life while the wife was there in the apartment with him.  The PM verbally stated no charges would be due after pro-rated rent was paid & tenant moved out.

The PM company billed the widow for damages for cleanup by a remediation company.

Yikes. That is a tough one. I would definitely let the widow out of the lease and attempt to rent asap. But, this is a business, and I cannot feed my family on charity. I'd have to charge her to get the unit ready for renting. I realize her life has been turned upside down right now, but I'm not paying for everything that I had no hand in creating.