How to Schedule all your maintenance for all your properties?

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How can i schedule all my maintenance stuff with all the tenants. Routine check ups? Air filter changes and anything with going around to all properties?

@Joshua D. In a perfect world your tenants will tell you when someting needs repaired. Big things like HVAC, water they are quick to contact you.

The other stuff might go unreported for awhile. It is good to set up routine inspections to check on the property.

How many do you have? If you have PM software there are usually tools for this. Otherwise just send a BCC email to all of them with the window of when you will do the work. Don't give them a choice. Just say when you will be there and if your can't access the property they are charged a trip fee.

It depends on how many units you have. For anyone with fewer than 20, I think it's real easy to track on a spreadsheet with different tabs for each property.

Let the tenants know twice a year that you'll be doing XYZ and an inspection. Check them off as they are finished.