Rent Reduction for Snow Removal by Tenant?

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Yesterday, I came to a verbal agreement with a current tenant of mine for a new 18 month lease at $1400/month. The tenant now has the physical lease to sign, but I have an email from him asking to handle snow removal himself in exchange for a break on rent. Would you let a tenant handle snow removal or should it be a landord responsibility? If so, how much of a break in rent would you offer per month? This driveway is small, only big enough for 2 cars, and serves only this one apartment.

@Nicholas Gray Don't do it. It won't get done. Instead, pay him the going rate for every time you order snow removal. I.E. Come the first serious snow, say I will pay you $20 (or the going rate) to remove snow if it is done in the next 24 hours. I wouldn't take it off rent and devalue your lease. Instead pay him like you would any snow removal company.

I echo @Ryan Blake . First, what if there is no snow yet you are giving rent breaks? Plus, rent breaks aren't a writeoff like snow removal costs are. Don't do it.

@Nicholas Gray I wouldn't let them do it, period. Tell him that you already have a contract for snow removal and that it is taken care of. The last thing you need is the tenant hurting himself shoveling snow.... not start trading services in exchange for rent....very slippery slope and the landlord usually gets screwed. Tenants rarely follow through with the service or do a crappy job....nope....

The rent is the rent....PERIOD. If you want to hire a tenant to do anything, you pay that as a separate expense.

Liability is an issue in this case too......