Property Management Software, what are you using?

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Anyone using rent manager as your property management software? Any input? If not using rent manager, what are you using? Do you recommend it? I'm looking for a software where I can track data inputs like who was late, how often they were late, repair costs by building and overall YOY/MOM, etc...It would be amazing if I could create my own dashboards. Thanks in advance.

@Israel Torres there are many options available, some of them for free. Check out TenantCloud,, or Rentec. Even the paid software systems will usually give you a couple weeks to try out their software for free.

I recommend looking around and narrowing it to 3-4 different systems. Then sign up for all of them and give them a test drive. Enter your information into each one equally and see if you can find a clear winner.

I'll echo @Nathan G. on Tenant Cloud. They do integrate with our tenant screening service so I'm biased but I like the fact they provide options to let the client pick what fits their needs best. For instance, with tenant screening, there are several companies to choose from where other platforms force you to use just one provider.