Cozy and background check on all adult tenants

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Hey all, were using Cozy to screen applicants to rent a house and realized if there are multiple adults moving in - a couple plus an adult child (18yo), that’s three background checks at $75. Are you requiring this and have you ran into issues bc that’s quite an expense for some people. Thx in advance!

The expense is a good self-weeder-outer.. if they know they may fail the background check, they wont want to spend the money, and won't apply. Win-win. 

It's a must to screen every adult individually. Tenant applicants are aware of this and must accept the cost as part of housing expenses.

As Nick points out every screening requirement is intended to weed out applicants. You are screening to find reasons to reject applicants not to find good applicants. The good ones rise to the top on their own merit. This is the biggest misunderstanding landlords suffer and why you will see many posts asking "would you accept this applicant". If you are uncertain then the applicant is a automatic no, if not then you are not qualified to be screening applicants.

if you tell them upfront before they apply then they wouldnt apply unless they intend to pay the fee. Screening begins with first contact but gor the application What we do is a two step screen where we only run credit/ background if someone meets the free to verify noncredit/background check criteria(proof of income, referral etc) first. This way they dont pay unless there is already a 90% chance of approval