Biggest Headaches of Investors

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@Brig Murdock in general finding good reliable contractors is one of the toughest things for almost any kind of real estate.  In my aera it is dealing with the city bureaucracy.  The answer will likely change by market. 

i bet @Nathan G. would have some good feedback.

It depends on the capabilities of that Landlord. In my case,  I have a great screening system and find really good tenants so I don't deal with evictions or abandoned properties often, I rarely have a tenant leave owing more than the deposit, and I almost never have a house that's trashed. My biggest issue, as Ned already mentioned, is finding quality vendors that are responsive to my maintenance requests. Especially during hunting season.

Biggest headaches....tenants. Whining, complaining, bickering, but primarily not following the lease rules.

They break a rule, you point it out to them and they behave like they are somehow special and don't have to follow rules. They become ignorant and billegerent because you expect them to follow the lease. 

Neighbors. Our sign with contact info is on every building we manage. So the local Ms. Kravitz realizes its a rental and calls the office weekly to complaint that the tenant came home down the street exceeding the speed limit, filled up the trash can too much, let a flyer left on the front fence blow away, etc. It doesn't happen with most buildings but when it does, these folks are such wastes of time. And when they start to complain to the city about the nonsense we get that headache to deal with as well. 

I'm appreciative of being given a heads up if there is a major exterior maintenance issue or criminal activity (and the person reporting is told to call the cops), but I hate the constantly complaining neighbors who would overlook all of these false complaints if it weren't a renter living there. We're landlords, not babysitters/parents!

My favorite tenants just asked if its OK if they get chickens, so I said how many eggs do I get. It's legal to have chickadees in the back yard, which the house has, a big back yard, it will be fun for their toddlers. They currently have a nice veggie garden. I want them to stay! They can make extra $$ selling eggs to neighbors. But no goats.

Just read about interfering control freak neighbor. what a pain. My rentals have fine neighbors, I'M THE ONE with the pest! reports me for invasive plants (actually they are native & attractive), not shoveling, music, go figure. The native plants in my garden are also on fine display at the Botanical Garden/Arboretum ... 

@Brig Murdock my property manager tells me I over improve my places and font squeeze tenants fIr hIgh rent. The thing is, my stuff rents on average in three days and people stay. Whenever I hear other landlords crying, it’s because their places are from 1960 and some crazy rent. If you make your place a little cheaper and better than everyone else’s you’ll make it back by eliminating vacancies.

@Brig Murdock lately it’s been tenants who leave without notice. Like I just call them about the unpaid rent and get no answer so I go over there and they are just gone. And they leave a mess in every room including a fridge full of food. (And of course the electricity has been turned off)

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