Dayton, OH Area Property Managers

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I am investing in property in Dayton, Ohio and am looking to get in touch with property management companies specifically in that area. I am working with a realtor already and am currently putting in offers on, mostly, multi-family properties east/south of the river. I am focused on BRRRR properties to start.

The kind of property management company I am looking for has rental properties already in that area, is listed on the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating, is listed on Angie’s list with an A rating, as is a member of NARPM. Stringent criteria, but I live in California and don't want issues ( as least as little as possible) with tenants. I need a company that is proud of the work they do and cares enough about their image to maintain a high quality of service. These items above are the way I will see that.

Please feel free to contact me through Bigger Pockets. I am on here every day. I look forward to starting a new relationship.



@Travis Nagler . The odds of meeting all three of those requirements in Dayton is about the same as finding a unicorn in your backyard. 

That said, there are professional PM companies in Dayton that are proud of their work and do provide a high level of quality service.

@Darrin Carey

Hi, Darrin. I can appreciate that there may not be a lot, but all I need is 1 or 2. I'm certainly not going to start off by saying I need a C-average PM. This is just the start of my investments in Dayton, and I want someone who I can stay with for the long haul.

@Travis Nagler   Did you find a property manager you like?  I am closing on a property this week.  It already has management in place, but I will definitely be treating it as a trial basis at first.  Your advice would be greatly appreciated.