Texting battles with tenants...

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- Losing your temper as a landlord...

- Do you ever get into heated arguments with tenants?

- how do you handle these texting or calling battles?

@Charlie Moore

Never show your frustration with the tenant. By doing this, you are handing them too much control over the situation.

There is nothing at all to be gained and everything to lose by trying to have a pissing match with your tenant.

If you feel too emotionally involved not to lose your temper with a crappy tenant, this is a great time to consider hiring professional property management.

What specifically is going on? Maybe we can help you.

if you are furious and want to get the air cleared never ever never do it in text . That can be used in court and very damning as evidence . You’d be better off going there and getting in their face than texting . Don’t be dumb

Always imagine a judge reading your texts out loud in court at a hearing.

I absolutely get into with them via text, but, I keep my cool and keep thinking about how what I'm saying will sound in court. That keeps me from using any personal attacks or insults, and just refer to law, lease, and common sense and keep it professional. If I feel myself getting sucked into a negative/irrational emotional argument, I just disengage and resort to formal written letters, that I have my assistant write, in order to avoid any of my own emotional bias.

Blame your lease before you get into texting battles lol.

If it really gets to you hire out to let someone else deal with the texting for you.

@Charlie Moore if you worked in any customer service and responded with a bad attitude or a temper you’d probably be fired. This is on a bigger scale and it’s your company.

Don’t take it personally and keep you’re freaking cool. It’s not worth it. There is literally no more to that.

If there is any chance that chipped paint  is lead paint or is covering lead paint you might want to fix it.  Especially if they have kids. Lead paint tastes sweet and so kids will pull it off the walls and eat it and that is a cause of kids getting lead poisoning. 

Originally posted by @Charlie Moore :

@Tracy Minick

They are complaining of chipped paint..... it’s cosmetic. I don’t want to fix it nor do I have to.

 But yet some how you end up here with a thread about texting battles...

If you're not going to fix the issue they mention tell them so and have it be end conversation.  Probably going to have a lot more issues though once they realize you don't care about the property condition or they just don't want to talk to you....

If you are professional, you won't let your emotions get involved. They ask a question or demand a repair, you give a quick, professional response, and you leave it at that. There's no need to go back-and-forth with them. You won't argue them into submission. All you're doing is making the issue worse.

Right now, I would tell them you've given your answer and it's final. Then stop responding to anything regarding this subject.

Try something like this: " Thank you for bringing that to my attention. Unfortunately, We don't cover cosmetic interior maintenance such as chipped paint while tenants are in the unit, but if it bothers you, our handyman could be out next week and it would run about $50 an hour that he'd bill directly to you. Would you like me to set that up for you?"

@Charlie Moore I'm going guess that this is about way more than one complaint about chipped paint. What is the back story? Does this tenant have a history of making veiled threats or constant minor complaints? Some personality disordered people truly enjoy trying to aggravate and get under you skin when they get mad about something which may be completely unrelated to the stated problem. They revel in trying to get you upset especially about something that appears to be trivial and enjoy making you appear unreasonable especially if it enhances their 'victimhood'. What is really going on?

Originally posted by @Charlie Moore :

- Losing your temper as a landlord...

- Do you ever get into heated arguments with tenants?

- how do you handle these texting or calling battles?

 I never text or answer text unless its my wife or kids or one of my very close business associates.. realtors / PMs  and Especially a tennant would never engage them I mean half the time i dont even read my text messages but  once a week or so.. 

I like text. It forms a written discussion that can be used in court. The trick is to be very careful about what I say.

As far as getting emotional, I've found the best solution is to simply not go there. I am an emotional person easily riled, so for me it has taken some practice. The silver lining has been that practice spills over to the rest of my life too, helping me to take all things in stride. Life is too short - better to laugh this stuff off.

However, once a tenant has shown they are going to be a perpetual pain in the butt, I send them on their way.

Month to month baby.

Lead poisoning is no joke. If your property was built before 1978, you had better get right over there and fix that chipping paint. Neglected safety hazards equal lawsuits. Further, do you really want a brain dead kid on your conscience? I would be pissed off too if the property was pre 1978 and you were refusing to remedy the chipping paint.

My wife would take away both of your phones and not allow you to play with them anymore.

Joking aside, we all get more angry and frustrated than we should.  Until we take responsibility for it and learn to control it, we forever remain a child.  I am a work in progress.  Real estate is easy...controlling our minds is another story.

I deal with a lot of student rentals and Generation Z doesn't know how to speak over the phone. So when I sense they're getting emotional or after they think they're an attorney because they spent 60 seconds on Google, I will call them up to calm them down and smooth things over.

I have gotten angry once or twice via text and as soon as I sent the message I have told myself, okay I need to jump on the phone with this person.

Keep in mind tone can be interpreted in many different ways when you're just reading it and not hearing it. 

However, texting can be good, as you are documenting the conversation in writing. I keep an app on my Android phone that automatically backs my texts up to a directory in my Gmail account. That way you have a backup, even if you delete the texts from your phone.

It works like a charm.

The app is called SMS backup. I'm sure there's something similar for iPhones.

Why would you give your tenants your cell phone number anyway? Esp with all of the free land lord sites like cozy or tellus or tenantcloud that track maintenance requests. The last thing I’d want is tenants having my personal number

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