Bought Land with Tenants

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My husband and I just bought out first home. It comes with 2.5 acres and 2 camper lots with existing tenants. At closing, I was told one tenant had moved out and would be picking up her camper soon. I attempted to contact her and had no luck. I texted her and told her the rent amount and that it would be due by the 10th of each month as long as her camper was still on my property. I made a rental agreement with the other tenant and he stated that he would be giving me the other tenants rental payment each month as she would mail it to him. I was fine with that. She paid the first month, now she's stopped. I finally got ahold of her, she stated she would pick up her camper in the next couple of days. She never did. Now i'm not sure what to do. Since there is no rental agreement in place. 

Do they have leases in place from the last owner? What do they say? You might have to talk to an attorney to see what you can do.

Not sure what state you're from but some states treat "trailers" much differently than other types of property. You're not needing to evict a person from your property, you need to have someone else's personal property removed from your property. This could be fairly simple depending on your locale.