Renters insurance denied

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Hi All, i had i stalled a bidet spray in toilet 1.5 years back in rented apartment which unfortunately burst and lead to water damage. Now the landlord says i need to cover the cost since i installed it. And renters insurance agents told me that they won’t  pay for liabilities since it was not my fault as it could be due to wear and tear of equipment. What to do in this situation? 

So you are a tenant in a unit and you installed the bidet?

If so, your tenant's/renters insurance should cover the damage. If they continue to try to decline the claim, many states have an ombudsman or other agency that provides oversight of insurance companies. Go up the ladder.

Thanks. I am in California. Not sure about the rules related to these things as also i am quite new to USA, so seeking valuable suggestions. 

Isn’t installation of bidet itself was a mistake/fault in the first place?

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Hi @Account Closed ! I'm wondering if you told the landlord you were installing a new part to the toilet in the first place? A lot of times renters insurance will only cover specific items like if your computer or tv was stolen or damaged from an accident - since this pertains to the house, I feel the landlord should have some type of insurance claim on it. I would further ask both insurance companies to get more details regarding how to cover the cost - was the water damage significant?

The tenant installed the bidet without Landlord permission or knowledge. Landlord insurance has no responsibility for this problem.

A broken pipe is normally the Landlord's responsibility which is why Renter insurance probably doesn't cover it. The only thing that may be covered is the renter's personal belongings but it sounds like the damage was to the property.

Suck it up and make it right.

Renters insurance can cover it as a liability but the insurance company argues that i am not at fault. Also, they say that it happened due to manufacturing defect or wear and tear(which is just assumed) so they will not cover it.

What is bidet spray and why on earth do you think you need it ? 

Why did you install something like this on the toilet without permission ?

Why are you surprised this is a problem now that you destroyed someone’s property ? 

The good news for you ( not him) is your in California . They will probably fine the landlord , seize his property ,and business and give you a new shiny toilet with a can of air freshener .