What vinyl plank product do you use?

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I'm just jumping on the vinyl plank bandwagon for my rentals. Up until know I always went the cheap carpet route. A few quick questions for you guys who already use this product in your rentals. 

  • What has been your experience with vinyl plank so far? Is it worth it?
  • How many turnovers does it usually survive? 
  • What brand do you use?
  • Would you mind sharing pictures?

Thanks a lot!

I don't know which name brand is best off the top of my head, but just beware that it the cheap stuff and good stuff are worlds apart. There are plenty of newbies or people trying to do it as cheap as possible that put it in and complain because it is all scratched and junk after 1 year. Vinyl isn't a miracle it is just more durable that most. So just make sure you get good quality products with good warranties (even if the warranty is void because it is "commercial use" it still gives you a guideline on how long it should last in an apt) 

I have used Allure brand from HD which I have used back in 2012 and still looks good .  I believe  it has 25 year warranty for home use. It uses an adhesive rather than Tongue and groove to put it together . Go to the Pro desk so they can give a discount , back then I got it for $1 per sq.

 Go to the link for pictures 


@Dante Feria It looks awesome! Some people reported that there can be gaps that form in between the planks if you don't use the click system. Did you notice anything over the years?

@Michael B. We did replace an end strip which was against the wall , it was an inch wide and 2 ft long . Never seen a gap after it was installed or buckle for we maintain a quarter inch all around the wall .

@Michael B.

Stone Mountain and grand Teton. It is around 3per sq ft. I know that you can get stuff a lot cheaper, but I think you are getting some quality stuff at this price point and it is going last a lot longer.

when doing vinyl plank, do not buy any sort of adhesive-type.

Only buy click-lock.   

Adhesive is always the crap that fails in flooring. 

Also, pay attention to how thick the wear layer is.

@Michael B.

After years of purchasing the allure vinyl plank from home depot I discovered that Sherwin Williams (the paint store) has their own flooring division and they provide and install a top quality vinyl plank flooring product for a $1.29 labor and material installed.... Its almost identical if not higher quality than The Home Depot products... I just wish I would have discovered this 5 years ago I probably would have saved a $100,000 or more....

@Michael B. as a flooring store owner I suggest anything made with rigid core middle and 12 mil or higher wear layer. Hd and Lowe’s have stuff that has 6 mil wear layer but whatever u put in u need to locktite ends with g-2 loctite glue floor will not gap if this is done. The glue version bye allure is ok there is no part of floor getting sun as it will unclick the glue strips.

My flooring guy has been after me to use glue down vinyl plank. It is actually designed to be loose lay. It is super thick and heavy so can stay in place with no glue, but they recommend glue at least for traffic areas to stop movement if heavy objects are on it. The nice thing about the loose lay planks is that you can very easily replace one plank. It is not very easy to replace locking flooring. The loose lay is what they use in commercial settings and glue it down. I am taking retail stores that get thousands of people per day walking over it, so it is basically indestructible and easily replaceable if one panel gets damaged. 

@Mark Fries :

$1.29 for vinyl plank installed? no way... 

I called my local SW flooring office, and prices start at $2 for material only. Installation is separate, and almost doubles the cost.

SW does not make their own plank either. Like their painting products, they're just distributors.

@Mike Franco

I guess markets are different but here in Jacksonville Florida I pay a $1.29 labor and material installed... And I could care less who manufactures it or who the distributor is I just know it looks great it's durable and it's cheap.

Originally posted by @Mike Franco :
@Mark Fries:

$1.29 for vinyl plank installed? no way... 

I called my local SW flooring office, and prices start at $2 for material only. Installation is separate, and almost doubles the cost.

SW does not make their own plank either. Like their painting products, they're just distributors.

 Mark, I called SW this morning to confirm the numbers. They in fact charge 1.26 - 1.50 per sqft for installation depending on the product. Solid core vinyl is a little more towards 1.5 because it's harder to cut. 

@Michael B. We recently used what was on sale at Lumber Liquidators which was the laminate click-lock planks with the fabric built in so it was super easy to install. I believe it was $1.69/sf. So far we are very pleased with the cost, look, and ease of installation but we haven’t yet furnished the rooms we installed it so we don’t know how it will withstand the test of time. I would avoid going the adhesive route if you are going to be installing it in any room that may see water. The guy at the store said he would recommend vinyl over laminate if you were to do a bathroom or kitchen.

@Michael B.

I’ve used VPF from a wood floors plus warehouse. They sell left over flooring at discount. Got the stuff with the foam in the middle, offers sound proofing. Basically the life proof from HD.

Also I’ve done the peel and stick Vinyl tiles, I even laid them like tile and grouted them. Looks great at 1/2 the price.


@Michael B. Rigid plank LVT with a click locking system is extremely popular right now. Typically if an LVT installation has issues it’s glue related so using something that eliminates glue is a good way to eliminate a failure point.

You’ll pay more for a loose lay floor, but they really are extremely easy to lay and repair compared to click or glue down options.

If you decide to go with a glue down option, be sure to use a high quality adhesive. That’s not the place to skimp. One of my customers used glue down 6 mil wear layer LVT in a bunch of rental properties. The ones that had high grade pressure sensitive adhesive have held up great. The ones that had a low end multipurpose adhesive failed after one year (planks were completely unglued).

We installed DIY Lowes Blue Ridge Pine LVT. Very thick and durable but a little pricey. This was in our primary residence, A live in rehab farm house. 1700 sq ft was well over 5k just for the material. Very easy and fast to install diy.

Click-lock, just put in the Lowes solid core stuff ($3/ft, easy to install) & Costco laminate last year (looks good, normal laminate w/backing, easy installation but NOT waterproof). I exect the solid core to last better than the Costco.

Also Costco just this year brought out it's own solid core ($2/sq ft). A bit trickier to install than the Lowes (it's a thinner, more flexible vinyl) but Xacto blade cutting on the installl is nice. Thick clear wear layer overlay, similar to some of the commercial. Looks good, limited colors (2), but should hold up well. 

I don't like Allure after seeing my neighbor have issues with hers. Granted she's high use (home all day, walker/wheelchair etc), but we found that it wasn't really waterroof, and allowed fluid to seep betwen seams (dog pee). It also got scraped easily, hard to replaced damaged planks and the pattern has worn off in high wear areas. It looked good originally, but just hasn't held up well. Was also a pain to install.

HD Lifeproof.....around $3-4/sq ft, so a bit more expensive but it's thick, has the underlayment on it already...... I install myself to offset the higher material cost