Non renewing a tenant

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Hi BP,

I have a tenant that I suspect is dealing drugs but I don’t have any proof. So I can’t evict her from just a hunch. I would most likely need video or photo proof of the dealing happening. But I’m not inside their unit to know. So my question is: can I just not renew their lease? She’s on month to month right now. Can I just post a notice on her door saying the landlord wishes to terminate the lease (which I can because on the lease it says that after 12 months either the tenant can move out with a 30 day notice or the landlord can terminate the lease with a 30 day notice as well) 30 days ahead of time? Can no reason be be given? I just want to make sure that I have the right to do this.

Your thoughts?

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I was just about to say yes, anywhere but Seattle... then I look up and see you are there.  Is your rental in the city or Seattle?

In 99% of the country you don't need to show cause to terminate a m-m properly.  I think properly in WA post-SB5600 is 60 days.

Seattle is It's own animal.  Just check our LL--tenant law online. It will spell it out for you.

I agree with the above regarding looking up local laws and beginning the marketing process. I would also add that this is a good opportunity to build a relationship with local legal counsel. The firm I used in NY didn't charge me for asking some questions. You could probably get a 10 min conversation for free. I think it always minimizes the headaches to run something by legal council before doing it, especially in residential. Just my 2 cents. Hope it helps!