Marketing your rentals!

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Facebook marketplace has been killing it for me lately. We have a ton of buy/sell/rent groups on FB and I post to all of the ones that I can find. I also syndicate through buildium to about 20+ sites. Zillow, trulia,, etc.  

Just make sure you have great pictures and a competitive price point. 

Also, I've been told by several property managers that they do really well with yard signs for lower end rentals. I personally don't ever put for rent signs out because I don't want to advertise an empty house, but some people prefer signs to internet listings. 

My property management software pushes my listings out to 60+ web sites.

You can do the same by using TenantCloud or other software available to Landlords, usually for free.

@Jasper Cangelosi I have buildium because that's what I set up originally and have my systems set up through there. I'm in the process of switching over as we have tenant turn-over. I would recommend or tenant cloud. They can do the same rental listing syndication for free, so you really don't need to pay for buildium. It's a great system, but it has a lot more features than most people will ever use. It's honestly not worth the monthly payment for most people. I do enough tenant screening and applications (and application fees) that it balances out for me, but I wouldn't recommend it if you don't do at least 2-3 applications per month.