Cozy vs RentalHero vs TenantCloud 2019

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RentalHero, Cozy and TenantCloud seem to be the top three rental property management cloud based solutions for beginner to moderate level of landlording expertise. I am looking to start using one of these instead of doing it all by hand. It would be amazing to have all of these solutions in one place, explained for all. Links for other forum posts are at the bottom of this post. What are the reasons you use/moved to different management software?

Here are some simple questions to answer for the masses:

Q1: Cost? Cost options?

Q2: Payment options for tenants?

Q3: How is the usability experience for both the landlord and tenant?

Q4: Reporting? Graphical reporting?

Q5: Does the software provide accounting solutions?

Q6: Can you export all the data into a CSV?

Q7: Does the software provide tenant screening? Cost? What is the quality comparison compared to MySmartMove per say?

Q8: Integration into/from other software/CSV?

Q9: What is the notification/messaging between the software and landlord/tenant quality?

Q10: Quality of support/ease of use?

If you would like to expand on more than these questions, please do!

    Guys, just go to the web sites and sign up for an account. You'll find they are free or extremely cheap. For example, TenantCloud lets you load up to 75 properties at no charge! You pay something like $10 if you want to accept payments online.

    What works for me may not work for you. What I find cool, you may find annoying. The only way to know what is going to work for you is to test it out.

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    I forgot to mention, this same question is asked about 14 times a day. Use the search bar above and look for "management software" or just scroll through the different pages of posts and you'll see people answering questions about the various software options.

    I really appreciate the information! And yes, I have read all the posts I could find. I signed up for all free accounts. And I even watched the webinar and YouTube related videos for the software. I appreciate all information! Thanks.