should I send a letter to my new (inherited) tenants?

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I'm closing on my first triplex this week...yay!!  I've met all of the tenants, but I want to send them all introduction letters.  What should I say?  What shouldn't I say?  Does anyone have a template that they would share?  

Do you have a copy of their existing lease?

I don't still have a copy, but I went door to door, handed them a new proposed rental agreement, a top sheet with our contact info, and verbal reassurance as much as we could offer.  We set a time for us to come back and discuss and sign the agreement, and a note to call us if that time/date didn't work.  We also had a one page application for them to fill out with contact info and emergency contacts, since we did not get the applications from their move in.

Be sure to explain what happens to their deposit (ours lost theirs through the foreclosure) and be aware that you cannot materially change their current lease other than updating the parties.  Be friendly but professional, these aren't your new friends but good will and transparency do go a long way.

I have a basic letter that says I am the new Landlord, effective (DATE). I instruct them on how to pay rent, how to report maintenance, and how to contact me.

I also use this opportunity to notify them of a walk-through inspection so I can meet them, talk to them about any maintenance concerns, answer any questions, and document the condition of the rental with pictures so I can start tracking condition from that point forward.

I would definitely send an intro letter. Just include your contact information, how to make maintenance requests and anything else you think it's important for them to know. The main thing is just to formally introduce yourself and get off on the right foot with them as best you can.

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