Where to conduct a tenant lease signing?

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I am ready to sign a lease with my tenant, but i am unsure where to have them sign. I do not have a formal office and believe it would be inappropriate to do it in my house.   Is there a place we can meet, like starbucks, or what is a place you would recommend we go to sign a lease?

Do it at the rental. That enables them to ask questions about the rental with you present. It's also a great way to document the move-in condition together so there are no complaints/disputes later about cleanliness or other issues.

@Shane Welch the previous posts are solid, signing at the property is the best option.  Do yourself a tremendous favor and do not, under any circumstances, give a tenant your home address.  Do not give them your personal cell number either.

Spend the few dollars a month for a PO Box, or a UPS store if you prefer, and provide that to your tenants as the mailing address.  Get a virtual number for your cell, can get one from Google for free.  

Congrats on the new tenant and good luck!

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