Tenant Has Issues With Weird Neighbor - What Can I Do?

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Hey BP,

So I reached out to one of my tenants today to let him know that I will be stopping by in a few weeks to do a pest inspection and he said sure no problem. However, he followed up by saying that the neighbor next door is being really weird and making him and his family feel uncomfortable. His exact words were;

"bro their weird they come knock on the door like every couple of days late at night and I don't like it i'm trying to be cool and not talk to them as much as I can but honestly its getting weird yesterday he came knocked and asked if i could get him a room at a hotel close by and I don't know bro just for that reason I don't know if ill be staying here"

So, the tenant and I will be will having a conversation about this problem. I want my tenants to feel comfortable and even if this tenant leaves, the next tenant will likely have a similar experience. BP community, please provide suggestions on what I can do to help resolve this problem. The only thing I can think of is installing a fence to separate the tenant and neighbor.

I'm assuming the weird neighbor is not your tenant.  Unfortunately there isn't much you can do, weird people live in the world, they aren't doing anything illegal just being weird.  The lease is your friend here 1 year is 1 year and people generally don't break a lease because a neighbor is weird.

Tell your tenant to stop answering the door. Weird people usually continue to engage with people willing to put up with them. He needs to shut them down by not answering the door or telling them they don't want to talk to them, period.

You don't control your neighbors and tenants aren't allowed to break a lease just because someone weird tries talking to them. If they feel unsafe, have them report it to the police.

Landlords are not the weird/loud/smelly/ugly/intimidating neighbor police. You own the property but it is their residence. They are responsible for their interactions with neighbors.

Get four guys to go with you next door, bang on the door, and tell the neighbor not to come over, as in: "Why are you bothering my tenant?" It helps if the guys are fresh-off-the-boat Russians, wearing leather jackets, and obviously love their biceps curls.

@Elbin Collado The fact that your tenant didn't bring this up to you until you called him about a separate issue tells me that it is not that big of a deal. Real estate is a big "while you're here" or "while you're on the phone" type business. Tell the tenant if they feel unsafe to call law enforcement and you have fulfilled your obligation. 

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