Right of Redemption ?

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Looking to for a better understanding of the right to redemption clause and who this had effected. Where it has ever worked out for the better or in the end the same tenant ends up being evicted down the road?

The right of redemption law in Maryland where I am states that the tenant has up until the eviction is actually taking place with the sheriff to pay.

I just had to deal with this yesterday. Has anyone else had to deal with this situation and what was the ultimate outcome down then road.

Thank you for sharing and I look for to everyone’s responses.

Yes, I allow tenants to stop the eviction process if they pay everything owed, including reimbursement of all court costs, late fees, etc. If they pay, they stay.

I allow it a second time.

On the third time, they will have to pay what they owe AND pay for the next 30 days. Then they have to move out, period.

The right of redemption is confined to mortgagor or borrower and is not associated with tenants .Most situations one can pay off the debt right before foreclosure . Some states allow for a redemption period where one can pay off the debt in 60 ,90 days etc,after the foreclosure action,depending on state law . Maryland has no right of redemption after the foreclosure action.What situation did you actually have to deal with? @Patrick McGrath

@Patrick McGrath , fortunately it's something I don't have to worry about only a handful of states support this .I would imagine only a small percentage of tenants would be take advantage of this law although professional tenants can really put the landlord through some bad hoops

Patrick, I'm not sure how Carroll county handles this. In Washington County, it's 3 or 4 times before the judge will not allow the tenant the right of redemption. 

Some tenants know this and they will play the game. All along you have to waste your time to deal with it.

As it has been stated many times before,  screen them, screen them, screen them.  It's the only way to lower your risk. Good luck.

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