Tenants with Questionable concern

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The tenant is decent in the aspect that she pays on the 1st and she is a professional renter


the tenant payment posted electronically to the merchant site and was processed however within 24 hours they stated they are unable to post the account as the tenant has an account but the merchant felt their payment was a liability and would not release it.  In this instance instead it was sent back to the tenant.

we sent the tenant a letter informing her of the issue and provided 3 days to resend her payment via mail in certified funds....

She does not plan on 3 days as she states she will send it when she is ready as she has a tight work schedule and can not send within 3 days although her bank confirmed the deposit...

at this point per her lease it is late.


eviction ?

Provide additional time due to merchant restriction on her payment?

@Ikenna Jones That sounds like a great tenant. I think you would be crazy to evict.

Why do the funds need to be certified? Is that the issue for the tenant? Because some people (myself included) would have a difficult time taking time away from work to go to a bank for a cashiers check. I could mail a check right now, I can use Zelle, Venmo, whatever else, but it wouldn’t be certified.

It sounds like the issue wasn’t the fault of the tenant. I would for sure work with them.

@Corey Hawkinson


I see your point.  We did not receive a definable reason from the merchant.  They do not want to process payments From the tenant.  That IS indeed concerning.

The other issue is as the home has been up for sale she had been Very distracting to the process by delaying showings and such.

The tenants demeanor is indeed abrupt because she feels entitled because she pays on the 1st... That is a non factor However, there Is a Major issue when the merchant says "hey we dont feel comfortable with this persons payment and we will no longer accept payments from the tenant".... That is why only certified funds are acceptable at this point. Our merchant has Blocked this tenant from submitting payments.... No one else

@Ikenna Jones , would you actually consider moving to evict in a case like this? Why would you want to evict a good tenant they are like GOLD!

If it was a mediocre or a somewhat troublesome tenant I would charge a late fee, but for a good tenant I would tell them if they sent it by a certain reasonable date (maybe 1 week) that I would waive the fee because she has been a good tenant.

Instead of being confrontational, use this opportunity to show the tenant they valued. That sort of treatment will sometimes be reciprocated down the line. Even if it isn't you never have a reason to be ashamed for treating people well.

@kevin sobilo thank you for your influence in your response. I appreciate it.  

we are very great landlords to the tenant and so appreciate the tenant

Also, I think it's important to say that because a tenant pays their rent on the first does not constitute a tenant to be considered a gold tenant.

When you have a tenant that is disrupting and delays process then that creates other issues. Those issues are considered as a professional tenant who feels that they pay their rent on the 1st therefore their landlords have no say so. That is very inappropriate however we look past that because we do value our tenants and we are very grateful for them.

However also when there are other members and people apart of the process for the company we cannot have unnecessary delays and scrupulous demeanors from tenants.

Kevin again I do thank you for your influential response as it is taken into consideration and this is the exact reason we are here on BP for people like you who have dedicated experience and mindsets like we do . 

I guess the question really should have been is being a landlord with a heart of gold how do we handle tenant that pay on time but the demeanor seems to be a little scrupulous at times . Nonetheless the situation has been taken care of and all is well now