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Finally ready to move in our very first tenant in February. We have a few quite interested, however we do not have a real application form. Anyone out here willing to share what they have? We otherwise used sample templates from google. We don’t want to miss anything 🤭.

Congrats on having interested tenants!

Here's a link to our rental application we use for Houston, TX

Most questions should apply to MN properties as well but maybe a local investor would have something that you can cross-reference as well? 

Did you provide the tenant your qualification standards as well? This may be more important than the application as it shows an unbiased review of applicants acceptance/denial. 

Best of luck!

You should consider using an online application and screening service. There are a lot of options out there but you can start with or

Figure out who you would like to use to run a background check and use their form.  That will have all the required information you will need to get going.  Then you can expand on that as things come up.
You will also want to get a lease form ready.  There are several out there, I personally use the MN Bar lease with added verbiage my attorney recommended.  Several MN investors use the MHA lease or other varieties.

@Mo Muigai use a state specific form. The laws vary by state so using one from a different state is a bad idea. Usually the local landlords association can point you to a standard, state specific forms and applications

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Very helpful- I did not offer qualification standards. Omg 😳

Your standards are also what you want to use to screen people on the phone before you show the house or apartment. You dont want to get there and then find out they dont make enough money, have previous evictions, violent felonies, etc.