Made 2 new garage units - Now how do I get an address?

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Hi BP Team!

So I have a 14 unit apartment complex, that had 10 garages that were mostly unused because its in an urban area.  We took 5 of the garages and made them into 2 1 Bedroom apartments.  They look completely legit like they'vebeen there forever, but now, I need to figure out how to get addresses for mail delivery and/or cable television set up.  Both units are on the electrical meter that was for a previous office space which no longer exists, so they have power.  Obviously, I'm not trying to get under the microscope of the city because this was done, although correctly and meets all code requirements, without permits.  Any insight or advice would be appreciated!

@Chris Wolfe , key words, "without permits". Depending on where you are, this is not going to fly until you make those units legitimate, meaning get approval from the city/town hall that you are good to go. not only you cannot get an address, but I would be very cautious of renting them until you have approval in hand. If anything was to go wrong in any of those units and someone gets hurt, you are completely exposed from a legal perspective. I would ask around to make sure you are not positioning yourself to a major lawsuit.