Best security cameras for interior of house with roommates

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Hi BP, so over in this post, there were some great suggestions on cameras for outdoor security. But for an interior of the house where you as the owner reside while renting out to roommates ("house hacking") - is there a camera or system anyone can recommend for:

1) Monitoring guests brought over by roommates in the common areas (my friend has a guest policy and cameras would obviously help ensure the policy is adhered to)

2) Potentially helping police identify someone should they break into the house?

Hopefully the system is easy to install and makes it easy to monitor the feeds via your computer or phone. And hopefully it doesn't require too many battery replacements/recharges.

Thank you BP community.

@Bruce P.  I use EUFY security cameras. Wireless, simple to mount, there's different models but the ones I have have a 6 month life on the battery before you have to charge them for like 3-4 hours. Motion detection, you can talk through it, spot light, night vision, nice pixel quality, the app is simple to use, and best of all its free. I mean after you purchase the camera system, you don't may a monthly fee or anything. Recordings are stored for up to a week I believe and you can download any video to your phone. Super good and I haven't had any issues after about a year now.

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@Bruce P.

That would creep me out. Get ring doorbells and call it a day. Lots of legal issues here. No one wants to be filmed in the common area of a home they rent a room in.

 X2. I'd be outta there. Then again I wouldn't have been there to begin with...

Certainly make sure everybody is well aware of these cameras or you could cause some legal trouble.

That seems really excessive an off-putting my man. If you don't trust yourself enough to vet people maybe you're in the wrong business.

I turn cameras on in my living room when we are out of town, but it is just my family and I otherwise leave them off. We use Yi cameras, which are inexpensive and have no recurring fees. You can also use Ring cameras or any outdoor camera indoors. Watching your roommates inside a property is creepy. Put cameras on the doors, so you can see who is entering, but leave it at that. 

Thank you all for the feedback and camera suggestions, especially around getting creeped out about the monitoring...My friend was thinking about monitoring common areas from the perspective of planning for the "worst case" scenario - e.g., roommate decides to throw a crazy house party in the middle of Covid-19, which would be a lease violation. It would also easily identify any intruders (e.g., break-in) in the house for police reports. But you all made a good point about "feeling watched" and using external cameras would probably accomplish the same thing while keeping an inviting atmosphere for tenants.