How do I find or create a rental lease for a tenant?

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How do I find or create a lease for a tenant who is renting ? Their previous lease with previous landlord is about to be up. Need to have one ready for them in a couple months.

@Cesar Gomez You can hire an attorney to get one written up customized to you. Also as a Bigger Pockets Pro member, you can access template leases for the 50 states.

Good luck!

You can buy one from an attorney but they tend to be full of legal jargon and missing some practical provisions. I recommend you consider the Landlord Package available from BiggerPockets. It's written by real estate investors, vetted by attorneys for every state, and includes eight documents that can be edited to your personal needs. Well worth the money.

@Cesar Gomez what you don't want to do is get a free lease from unknow source or write your own. Contract wording is critical to enforcement in court and it is state specific. If you accidentally include illegal clauses, it can make your contract unenforceable and could lead to judgement against you.

Here are some options:

1. BP offers state specific leases and forms that can be purchased or you get them for free with a PRO membership. 

2. NOLO is a trusted legal source who sells state specific leases.

3. Your realtor or local realtor association often has state specific standard leases that they may offer you for free.

4. Local landlords groups or multifamily associations often have standard leases drafted by the group attorney.

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@Joe Splitrock This is awesome! I think I'm really considering the BP pro membership. Is Puerto Rico included in leases for all 50 states ? It may not be but just wondering.

 Puerto Rico is not included, it is just the 50 states at this point.