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I currently have a handful of SFR rentals within 1-2 miles of each other. Currently it is not challenging to swing by to pick up Rent Checks on the 1st of the month (they are left in the mailbox). This takes 10-15 minutes tops.
As we scale, this is not a sustainable process.
We are in the beginning stages of starting a webpage that advertise our Rentals. What are some RE friendly platforms? *as I alluded to earlier: I want to be able to accept Rental payments online. 
thanks for your help!

TenantCloud is about $10 per month and will handle online payments and up to 150 rentals. It markets your vacant units, tracks your leases, maintenance, runs reports, and much more. Search the forums or Google and you'll find other providers that are fairly inexpensive.

For payments, I have used for years. Accounts there are being migrated to, which works the same way. For free payments, which I use, you need to train tenants to start the payment process five business days before the due date. Tenants or you also can pay for "express" payments, which are faster.

More recently I have learned of a faster service called Zrent, offered by Paramount Bank and I think some other banks. At Paramount it's free if you have an account at the bank. I probably will try this service when I have new tenants.

As for web hosting, there are free platforms such as AwardSpace that you can use if you know how to build a website. Consider, though, that tenants are not likely to find your own website. TurboTenant is a good place for marketing, because it syndicates listings free to several sites, including Zillow also is good for advertising but no longer is free.

I accept online payments via Tenantcloud- that's a PM software that offers a lot of features for landlords and PMs. But there are many other services that do basically the same. You can also check out Buildium or Appfolio.