Tenant paying rent but not communicating

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Hey BP, have a situation here and would love to here your thoughts. I bought a 3 family 10 months ago fully occupied. One tenant who has been living there 3 years is a constant complainer. I have recieved almost 25 problems or complaints. Some complaints were legit such as new bathroom door, fan in bathroom , heat was not turning up. Other then that, she called me because the town didn't take her recyclables, the plow guy didn't plow her steps fast enough in a blizzard, small bees nest, sink smells, the landscaper is a issue, the town put too much snow at the end of her driveway, didn't shovel mailboxes, problems with people down stairs and how they park.

The latest thing that put me over the edge is the screen broke in the storm door. So I put a whole new front door on aswell as a screen door. 4 days later is complaing about the back door and now is broken because she broke the glass pulling it open. Now in fixing the back door she calls me about bed bugs and how the people downstairs brought them.

I finally said, "seems like you are unhappy here and you can move out" she did not say much to that but I'm frustrated . She pays the rent on time but now does not respond to me at all. Thankyou for your insight!


Sounds to me like you got your wish and she realized you are putting your foot down.  Is what you are trying to reach out to urgent if not it looks like you won.  Assume she is staying unless you hear otherwise and continue collecting rent.  There is also a time tax to think about so consider where you are with rent.  This is not the type of tenant I would allow to be behind market rents and may raise to slightly over market to compensate you for your time.  

You've created a monster. She calls, you answer. She complains, you jump to make her happy.

See what your state law requires for notice and then serve her notice of termination. Tell her you can't afford to keep coming back to fix piddly little things and that she needs to move out so you can renovate. If she insists on staying, tell her she'll have to accept it as it is unless something major breaks that makes the home non-functional, endangers the health/safety of someone, or is causing further damage to the rental.

Originally posted by @Adam Martin :

Sounds to me like you got your wish and she realized you are putting your foot down. 

Exactly, you finally put your foot down and put her on notice so she's gone quiet. Good! As long as she's paying her rent what is the issue? 

I always find it amusing when people say "well they're paying their rent" like that's an huge abnormality. Almost everyone pays their rent, it's few people that don't in actuality. 

Leave that off the table and look at the tenant bluntly. Just 'paying their rent' should not be a factor. IMO.