Dryer can only accept $2

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Hi All,

We have a coin-op washer and dryer. Washer costs $1.50 and dryer costs $1 per load. Recently, the dryer coin machine got jammed and now the replacement accepts only $2. How should we inform about the increase in dryer charge to tenants? 



Can you wrap the message in something good? It's a brand new machine, has better features, blah blah.

Other option is just get someone else to do your coin op dryer. You don't have to accept a forced increase. Find someone else who will work with you.

I agree with Christopher.  Unless tenants normally had to do two cycles to dry their clothes, you should be able to determine how much each load costs.  Aren't you the one who collects the money and pays for electricity and water?  It has been many years since I've used an coin operated washer or dryer, but they used to be able to adjust what the amount they charged by putting something in the slots.  Talk to another company.  I would do a slight increase, but not double.

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@Kajal Aggarwal explain it as inflation. I had a coin operated dryer ten years ago that took $1.00 so it seems like you are just slow to update your prices. I would just post a sign that says:

The dryer now requires $2 per load. 

Sorry COVID inflation.