Washer dryer hookups?

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Did your marketing or lease address this?  What any indication made regarding a "laundry area" ?  While they rented it as-is I am sure if you indicated there was a "laundry area" you probably want to get this handled.  A "laundry area" would imply more then a space, it does imply hookup's.  

Good to include what type of hookup's you have in your lease.  So if you have gas and a tenant has electric it is known upfront, before they move in and if the tenant wants a different hook up the cost would be theirs.  Although, we often split it as it does stay with the property and adds some flexibility for future tenants.

To me, if in marketing, lease or conversations during walkthrough's anything was said about the home having a laundry area it would be yours.  If not, kind of up in the air but I would at least offer to split it as you are both getting something out of the deal.  

Originally posted by @Philip M. :

Who is responsible when Tennant decides to purchase a dryer and there are no hookups in the basement for it?

If he bought a dishwasher, would you take out a cabinet and install it for him?

If he buys a bed that won't fit through the 32" door, will you install a 36" door for him?

If he buys a suede jacket, will you follow him around with an umbrella so he doesn't get any rain on it?

You offered him a rental and he accepted it without washer/dryer hookups. If he didn't investigate to see if hookups existed, that's his fault. You would only be obligated to pay for installation if you had falsely advertised that hookups existed when they actually didn't.

Make a written agreement with him that he can have licensed, insured professionals install the hookups at his expense and that the hookups become your property when he leaves. Otherwise, he can sell his units and use the proceeds to pay for the laundromat.

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I agree with both responses. Is it in the lease or what is in the lease or what discussions did you have? If you gave the tenant any indication that there was laundry or that if he bought a washer and dryer you were ok with it, then I do think you need to add the hookups. But if you said no laundry and the tenant tried to hack that only to find out there was no hookups, that is on them. Like @Nathan G. said, if you had no garages and they brought home a new car and said where is the garage, would you build one?

@Philip M.

Thanks for the answers. I inherited tenants two years ago with purchase and have no idea what the previous landlord of the tenant advertised as. Tenant has been there for 20 yrs. I wasn’t sure if there was an obligation on my part. My only reason for wanting to do it is worrying about who they will hire to do it with out my knowledge. Don’t need the fly by night contractor making more problem. Thanks again for any and all input.

You have a tenant who has resided there for 20 years (without washer and dryer connections) and they have now purchased a washer and dryer?  Have they not realized hookups were not available for the past two decades?

Perhaps they are under the misunderstanding you can simply plug in a dryer in any wall outlet?  And running a washer means the water coming out has to go somewhere.

What kind of property is it. My attitude is that I want the type of property and tenants that have their own washer and dryer. I’d do the improvement. A property with washer dryer hookups is always worth more then one without. I’d make sure the rent reflects it.