Columbus, Ohio Meetup

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  • 04/07/14 06:00PM
  • Yogi's Hard Rd. Dublin Oh
  • Free

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As a continuance of the forum post "Columbus Ohio BP Meetup", I am making it official by posting in the events section.

Where: Yogi's on Hard Rd in Dublin

When: April 7th, 6pm

What: There will be a loose agenda, intros/goals, followed by network session

Bring your business cards and be ready to network!

For more info or questions, feel free to PM me or call 614.500.7996



Hello! We have a decent amount of people who are going to show up to the Columbus, Ohio network event. Feel free to bring a friend or spread the word. Hoping to make this a regular event!

Confirmed: portfolio lender, traditional lender, wholesaler(s), realtors, investor (fix and flip, buyers & sellers), and beginner friends.

Let me know if there are any questions. This event is totally free!

I plan to attend as well, so you can add Property Manager to that list.

Hey @Peter Lohmann ! Good to hear from you, I was wondering when you would chime in. See you soon.

I will be there. Jut put it in the Calendar. Excited to see everybody!

Just a reminder that the Columbus Ohio meet up is tomorrow night!

Please pass this on to anyone who may be interested.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there, should be a good time.


hi Steve, would love to be there but alas I am stuck in Canada ATM. Is there any way that you can get a meeting notes or something? Or maybe a list of people that attended and maybe their details- eg website etc. I understand it's for networking but some of us do invest into the market but from other areas and we do pop in and out and it would be great to know people too. What's your thoughts?

@Nicole Holmes That's a great idea, I was planning on a sign in list with contact info and profession.

I am going to gauge the interest in tonight's group to see if I should set up a site to post meeting notes, resources and network opportunities.

Ill keep you posted!



@Steve Baldwin

wish I could attend but will be in Florida, please keep me in the loop while I farm an area in Dayton, I drive through Columbus regularly.

See you next time.

Sure thing @Michael Lauther

How's Dayton treating you? Im very interested in the area, especially around the base.

@Steve Baldwin

The retail market is pitiful so there are lots of cash deals. The AHRN web site is fairly active to attract renters form the base. My properties are predominantly sec 8. even though they are only 3-4 miles from the base.

Still lots of cash deals with rehab needed, mostly new plumbing, electric, paint and refinish floors or carpet. typical cost $10,000. Property rehabbed to sec 8 standards will bring in $550 for a two bedroom 1 bath and up to $700 for a three bedroom one bath. Section 8 website attracts multiple tenant candidates.

While there is probably a 12% vacancy in Dayton there is still a shortage of quality rentals. Still far too many properties I need of repair so they are counted as vacant but are not on the rental market..

@Steve Baldwin

"like minded folks hey!" :)

Enjoy the meet up and maybe one day in the future do a live streaming of it and replay. ( my geek side coming out now ) Have a great night everyone.

I can't make it tonight- traffic is nuts getting out of the downtown area up to Dublin.

Wow! The first Columbus meet up was a success. Thanks, everyone, for coming out.

Keep an eye out for a fresh website representing the network and additional, local, resources!

We will definitely meet again, same place, next month.

Thanks all!


ps. if anyone has suggestions for the site or next meeting, please contact me.

The meet up last night was great, am glad I came.

Good job Steve.

Hello everybody!

I scheduled the next Columbus meet up for the second Monday of next month, May 12th.

We will meet at Yogi's on Hard Rd in Dublin, at the same time, 6pm.

If you have any suggestions for meeting topics or discussions, please shoot them over as I develop the agenda.

Have a great day!


@Nakesha King Nope, just posted the update for next months meeting. Hosted the first Columbus meet up this month and it went really well. Hoping to make this a monthly meeting!

Let me know if you have any other questions.



This is exciting. While I work most all Monday nights, I am hoping that my wife will be able to attend next months meeting.

I'm hoping to make the meeting on May 12th, but Monday's are harsh and the drive may be prohibitive. How long did the first meeting last? I'm just wondering because I may arrive 30-45 minutes late...

Hello Everyone!

The 2nd BP Columbus, Ohio Meetup will be this May 12th, at Yogi's on Hard Rd. We will meet around 6pm.

Last meeting we had a great turnout with agents, lenders, wholesalers, rehab and buy hold investors…and a few just people just getting started!

Please spread the word, all professions are welcomed.

Also, if anyone has any specific topics they would like to talk about, please reach out to me in advance to add it to the agenda.

Thank you!



I just saw your post. Do you know any general contractors in Columbus whose name you can pass on to me? I live in the Cleveland area but looking at expanding to the Columbus area. My email is [email protected] or 440-796-6191 is my number.


Hello everyone!

Hope you all have had happy investing endeavors in and around Columbus since our last Biggerpockets meetup!

I am wanting to fire up a summer series, although it feel like fall out there, and get some people together to network. Wholesalers, rehabbers, realtors, CONTRACTORS and more.

I know we can help each other out and we all need it!

Any interest?? I will be reaching out through Meetup and various FB groups! Let me know and Ill set up a location and time.



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