East Bay Meetup On-site @ My New 4plex in E Oakland. Wed, 5/28

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  • 05/28/14 06:30PM
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This special version of my monthly East Bay Meetup will be held in a vacant unit in my 4plex in Oakland that I am expecting to close later this month, with a tentative meetup date scheduled for Wed, May 28th, at 6:30PM.


I will provide the address to the people coming, by email. I will also need to limit the size of the event - tentatively to 20 - due to the venue, and some other non-BP folks who will likely be coming.

What: May East Bay Meetup - Special "On-site Deal" Edition

This event will include introductions, networking, and discussions, as each of the events I organize do. This special meetup will also include a tour (from yours truly) of the property and 3 vacant units, strategy from prospecting to loan close, financials & projections, and fielding any questions. It will be a unique opportunity to get a chance to see the property behind the numbers, on-site with a deal that is still in process. I'll share some info on here before the meetup, and my results after I lease up the units!

I will have to limit the size of this event due to the venue. But I will be able to accommodate many more attendees at the next meetup! Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Also, be sure to check out my NEW WEBSITE for the big Bay Area Summit later this year (still lots of work needed!), and some of the interest so far on the BP POSTING. In discussions with venues and speakers now, so hopefully should have some exciting news in the next few weeks! Send me your email address so I can keep you up to date!

J Martin It was great getting a sneak peek tour of your 4Plex today. Well done sir. I guess since you are limiting your next meetup I should opt out to let others bask in your Bay Area Cash Flowing Awesomeness. I'll be there in Spirit Though! I'll be that funky smell wafting up from the fixer unit :).

@BPEastBayFolk I highly recommend checking out J's place if you get a chance to be one of the lucky 20. I love all the smart things he did to make the deal work.

@Andrew N. ,

I was just about to tag you! Thanks for dropping by. I'm excited about this cash cow. Might be tempted to sell it on some quick gains.. but I've said it before.. why eat a gluttonous feast today, when I can have someone make me a modest lunch every day?

Thanks so much for the run-down and all the advice on the organization/project management/reminder, etc software Andrew! It's exactly what I need to get a variety of disparate projects organized and tracked! I think I'm going to take a month off of work sometime later this year and get a billion things in order..

@J Martin

(Early) Congrats on the new property! I'd like to check out your new place and hear your experience purchasing it. Looking forward to it.

I just joined your meetup group.

@J. Martin nice job on getting something with 3 vacancies! Being local, I know vacancies are actually a good thing...and another one of those counter intuitive things that make SF-Oakland-Betkeley so "special!" I'm actually in the midst of negotiating with my Bayview tenants on buy outs. Looks like they are game to move, and I'll be happy to pay them for the privilege!

Are you spending any time in SF in the coming weeks? Let me know. We should try to catch up one on one.

Also keep me in the loop on this event. Is it close to a BART station? Cheers.

@Ken Lau ,

Thanks for joining the meetup.com group. It will help me keep things organized in the future, and address some new policy changes on meetup postings by the BP admin.. The meetup should be an interesting way to look front-to-back on a deal. I'm excited to share!

@Amit M. ,

Sounds like your Bayview project is moving along! Prelim congrats to both of us.. And hell yes! Vacant units are wonderful! And a little beat up for under $110/ft w/ another $10-15/ft in rehab. When new rents are creeping to almost $2/ft.. (In E Oakland!)

I'd love to meetup one-on-one. I'll be in Malibu for the next week, then a bit busy when I get back on the Summit project, and closing and preparing rehab for this deal (the acquisitions/rehab/leasing still do take a chunk of my time.. but haven't found someone I can outsource that to yet! And probably never will!). And I don't think I'm working in SF.. What do you think about hopping on a BART train to Oakland? Can grab some good food close by and chat..? We'll figure something out. Send me an email: [email protected]

@J Martin - You are just killing it man! I will have to pass on this since it will be the day after I get back from vacation. Seeing what you are doing gives me a ton of motivation. Please let me follow in your coat tails!!!

This sounds very interesting! I'm definitely curious to see the behind the scenes process on this type of property. Always looking to educate myself and this would be a perfect opportunity. Count me in!

@Ken Lau ,

Thanks for being the first to join my Meetup.Com RE Networking group this morning after I made it! 10 now, and growing quickly!

@Alan Malicse , hop on there, join the group and RSVP for the meetup!

@Johnson H. , join the meetup group too, and just don't RSVP for this event. Trying to get organized! Wish you were here now, but enjoy the vacation, and I'll talk to you in June!



@J Martin - I just joined the meet up group. The 4plex tour sounds Awesome! I will defiantly try to make it. Good stuff man!

How cool! Would love to join, but my schedule is unpredictable right now. I don't want to RSVP and take up one of the precious spots and then not make it! I guess I'll wait to join your next one, J! (tagging isn't working right now)

hey @J. Martin thanks for tagging me. I will have to opt out this time as I will be out of town (most likely).

@Sarah Lam , just join my group anyway, and get on the waitlist for the event. Your meetup I attended in SF was the inspiration for what started these East Bay meetups and the Summit later this year, so I'll send you the address and you can come in, regardless of the wait list, if you can make it! Come look at a deal in action!

@Pete Tam, sorry you can't make it this time.. Will be back next month..

@Dee Cross , glad you're excited! Looking forward to seeing you again.

Thanks for the invite J. I cannot confirm that I can make this right now.


Thanks for the invite, @J. Martin ! I'm dying to make it there to view first hand your latest acquisition! Too bad we'll be SJ next week :(

I just signed up for the Meetup tho - thanks for tagging me for that. Can't wait to make it to the next event!

Account Closed ,

No worries. Just join the group for now, and I will send out an email to confirm the final date/time, and maybe add another one, due to the limited space. I'm going to announce my East Bay meetups on there instead in the future..

Account Closed , I might add another date, and will be announcing other meetups there later, so join the groups, and I'll announce more dates later...

Everyone, please join both groups! One for the monthly meetups, and one for the big summit!

SF Bay Area Networking Meetups:

Big Networking Summit Group:

@J. Martin thanks for invite. I cannot make this meeting though. Congrats on closing a new prop!

I just added another date for the meetup, since it was getting to over 40 people.. Only so many can fit comfortably to network inside the vacant units..

The first meetup will be this Friday, 5/23 at 6:30PM. Join the meetup group for the address and other info.. Looking forward to seeing you all there!

@Minh L. , I don't think I saw you on the meetup group.. You wanna come check out my new 4plex? Come see what us little folk are doing up in the East Bay?! Maybe you and @Yuliany W. can carpool..



Just checked with wifey. Busy tomorrow night. :(

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