Charlotte meetup!

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  • 07/15/14 07:00PM
  • Dilworth Neighborhood Grille - 911 E Morehead St, Charlotte, NC 28204
  • Free

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This will be a friendly gathering of like-minded real estate savvy people. We had a gathering a few months back and it was great conversation coupled with great food. 

Charlotte Area Meetup

When: Tuesday July 15th @ 7pm

Where: Dilworth Neighborhood Grille - 911 E Morehead St, Charlotte, NC 28204

You know that I'll be there.  It was a great time at our last meet up and I look forward to hearing about what everyone has been up to since.

Please let us know if you plan on attending as the number of people attending will determine how large of a room we will need to request.

Hi guys - I would like to attend.

Thanks for the information!  I will plan to be there.  Looking forward to meeting you guys in person.

Paul + Alaina are in. Thank you for organizing.

I hope to make it too.

Count me in

I look forward to attending and meeting others in Charlotte

I would like to attend if you don't mind newbies. I am still in the learning phase of my investing plan but would really enjoy networking with locals and hearing about their experiences.  I especially would like to hear recommendations on agents, property managers, contractors, and lenders to use an possibly which ones to avoid. 

@Jason Alsup  everyone is welcome!  The last time we met, we had people with experiences ranging from brand new to full time investors.  It was very casual with lots of conversations and questions being asked.  Hope you are able to make it.

Will you be coming from Simpsonville?  I lived there for about two years before moving up to Charlotte?

I would like to attend

@Chris T.  I have lived in Simpsonville for the last 3 years but I am a district manager and several of my stores are in Charlotte, NC.  I am there for work at least a couple days a week.   Count me in for the meet up. Looking forward to it.  

@Troy Knight  , nice job taking the initiative!  I'm in, and looking forward to it :)   Thanks for setting this up

Thanks. I'm excited about the turn out. It looks promising! 

Is there a deadline you need to know by? I'm hoping to make this meeting, but I'll be coming from Raleigh (relocating to Charlotte in the fall) so my schedule for July 15th is still a tad hazy at the moment! 

@Tiffany Alexy  - there is no hard deadline to RSVP.  I have given the restaurant a rough head count and will be calling them the morning of the 15th with an update.  We are just trying to make sure that we have enough seats for everyone.  Hope you are able to make it!

How do I set a reminder so I dont forget about this event

I live in Oregon and invest in Charlotte - and tried to coordinate a trip out there the same time as this meetup, but no such luck.  

Any concerns about me sharing this info with my RE agent (who is also my rehaber and PM)?  She works with a lot of investors in Charlotte but isn't a part of BP.  

I will be attending.  I am a newbie on BP and would love to chat with other real estate investors.

Count me in!

@Nasar Elarabi  - I will try to post a reminder the day of here in this thread.  If you follow the thread or have "Charlotte" as a key word alert, that should send you a message.

@Jeremiah B.  - Wow, you definitely would have won the award for traveling the furthest distance!  Maybe next time you are heading out this way we can try to have another meetup.  Also, everyone is welcome to come network and socialize.  Who knows, it might prompt her to sign up for BP.

hi Troy, I would like to attend

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