Milwaukee Meetup - Next one July 26th

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  • 07/26/14 02:00AM
  • Stone Creek Coffee - 422 N. 5th Street, Milwaukee, Wi 53203
  • Free

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Hello Everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that we had the local Milwaukee Meetup this past Saturday the 21st. Our subject was Social Media Marketing and we had an amazing speaker Tamira Hamiliton

I know many of you may think you don't need to know Social Media Marketing, however as smart phones, facebook and  social media in general become such an important part of people's lifestyle, I feel its definitely essential for today's small business. Whether its generating leads or creating a foundation of trust to becoming an expert in this field, this knowledge is essential. We will have her back again for those of you that missed it.

Our next meet-up will be July 26th with our speaker @Mike McDermott  who will speak to us about how he runs his real estate investment deals through his 401k.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Gained a wealth of information and I now understand why social media is a MUST! After listening and talking with the speaker I realized I can no longer afford to not be more active in the world social media.
What's a blog? Kidding. In all seriousness, I can see how blogging alone or a good Facebook presence can be of great use. I spent the rest of the day well into the night researching how to have more a social presence.
Good stuff!!!


Sorry, not sure why it says 2:00am for time...the meetup will be the same time as always @ 9am.

Thank you!!

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