Central Illinois Meetup - 7/24/2014 6:00 pm

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  • 07/24/14 06:00PM
  • Jupiters at the Crossing: 2511 Village Green Pl, Champaign, IL
  • Free

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Central Illinois BP Members,

Sounds like we are well overdue for our 2nd meetup for Central Illinois BP Members. We will stick with the original location of Jupiter's at the Crossing and gather on the East side of the 1st floor between the pool tables and the bar. This will be completely informal which you can come and go as you please for some networking with like-minded REI BP members.

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See you there.


Sorry guys. I'm helping to put on a leadership seminar that night at the ihotel. Won't be able to make it. Thanks for taking the initiative to set this up thought Scott!

I will be there. Thanks Scott for setting this up. Look forward to meeting everyone!

I won't be coming for awhile, but I would like to be kept informed when there are meetings.


I'll try to make it. With young kids, the after hours events are always iffy. 

Just happened to notice this.  I'll try to be there as well for the first 45 minutes or so.  I've got an obligation at 7 but would love to network with everyone before that and share what we are up to!

I'm out of town again so I won't be able to make it.  Maybe third time's a charm.

Thanks for setting this up @Scott Dixon  and hopefully I'll actually be home for the next one so I can come meet everyone.

Was great meeting up with everyone...

We should definitely try to do this again sooner rather than later.  The planning/system side of me wants to have organized goals for the time, but I suppose it's nice to get together and chat.  Have a great time and stay in touch, all!

Alright Folks...busy week....was going to post earlier but never got around to it!!

Here's the details!!

Friday June 5th, around 6:00PM

Where:  Mi Casa!  602 Erin Dr, Champaign IL 61822  It's best to park on the street.

I'll plan on grilling out...I'll provide some different kind of meats.  It would be great if each person could bring some side dish or something to eat!  As for drinks, I have beer, alcohol, water, etc.  If you want some sort of soda or something you might want to bring that yourself.

I would like to head count of who's coming.  Don't have the most room in my house but I can probably comfortably fit 10.

Any questions?  My Cell is 217-621-8036    Text is the best....

@Anthony Hornbeck@Scott Dixon@Rob Anderson@Jerry Dengmanivanh@Tyler Zindars

Ill be there too. Thanks! and if it is alright I will bring my brother.

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Hey everybody!

For those of you that made it to Jeremy's place, it was great seeing you. Many couldn't make it, so we decided to have another get together this Sunday at my house. Please feel free to join, and similar to last time, I'll have the meat and drinks, but if you plan to eat, please bring along a side to share. 

Time: 6:15 PM 

Date: June 14th

Place: 1204 Fieldstone Drive, Savoy IL 61874

Bring: A side (and maybe a chair)

Please tag those that I have missed. 

@Jeremy Lamb @Rob Anderson @Scott Dixon @Jeremy Dengmanivanh@Nicholas Holt

(& Brother) Others also welcome, can't tag you all!

I'm  there!

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