Central Jersey Meeting #2

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  • 08/14/14 06:30PM
  • Bankier Library at Brookdale Community College
  • Free

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Meeting Agenda

Our objectives for this meeting are threefold. We'll briefly introduce ourselves and any new members (all are welcome to attend). Two members who recently partnered together will then provide us with an update. At our first meeting they shared plans to begin putting in offers on properties to flip. We'll review how things are going for them, provide feedback if we can help in any way, and hopefully learn from their experiences. Thirdly, we will have a presentation on note investing. This will be a broad overview of what notes are and how you can invest in them. We will not be going into details, but simply focusing on concepts. There will be no offers, solicitations, sales, etc.


Bankier Library at Brookdale Community College

765 Newman Spring Road

Lincroft, NJ 07738

Directions and campus map: http://www.brookdalecc.edu/about/maps-and-directio...

Map of 1st floor: http://ux.brookdalecc.edu/library/pdfiles/1stfloor...

Map of 2nd floor: http://ux.brookdalecc.edu/library/pdfiles/2ndfloor...

Specific Room: 228 (located in the back of the library halfway up the stairwell)*

Date & Time: Thursday, August 14, 2014 from 6:30-8:00PM

Campus Information: Parking is free. You do not need a permit or pass to park on campus. You also do not need a student ID to be on campus or to get into the library.

*Because the rooms at the library are first-come, first-serve we cannot guarantee availability of this room. If we're not in Room 228, please try 227 (in the middle of a different set of stairs) or 244 (along the wall on the 2nd floor). Regardless of which room we're actually in, there will be a BP sign on the window so you know you have the right room.

Final Points

Please let me know if you plan to attend so that I can get an estimate of the number of people to plan for. All are welcome to attend regardless of your experience level or knowledge about real estate investing. We are focusing our reach primarily to Monmouth, Middlesex, and Ocean Counties - though there is certainly no residency requirement to attend. Due in part to the beginning of the academic year, our next meeting will be at a different location.

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@Mark S.  

 Unfortunately I'm out of town that week and will be unable to attend. Hopefully I'll catch the next one.

Count me in!!!!


Looks like I'll be the only Justin there? Thinking I should get into B&H's so I can take all the vacactions you take..lol. Really though, count me in Mark. And a note to all thinking of going, please do...there was only five last time and even so, was very informative.

I'm planning on coming, how many can fit in a library study room?

I'll be there 

I'm not too worried about space @Brian Lee . We can fit 12-15 in a room, or possibly up to 20 if we took out the tables and added some chairs. That's why though I need an accurate estimate of the number of people attending. If we need to make an adjustment or meet elsewhere, I'll take care of it. There are other options....

Just a quick reminder that our next meeting is tomorrow evening. If you haven't been to Brookdale before, please allow yourself a little extra time to find your way around. Use the map links above if you need them. Also keep in mind that this is not a college sponsored event and library staff cannot direct you to our location. 

See you then!

Shoot, I wish I saw this yesterday!!! hopefully I catch the next one!!!

Thank you everyone for coming out. We had another good meeting. By the way, did anyone catch the fact that while we already had two Marks and two Justins, we now also have a Brian and a Bryan? 

Anyway, good luck to @Justin Bush and @Mark Houghton . Hopefully you'll have an accepted offer by the time we meet next month. Although I felt rushed giving the note presentation (because of time constraints and starting late), I'm glad that we got through it and that everyone appreciated both the information itself and the prep work that I did on it.

The next meeting will likely be in mid to late September. More information to come later. @Kurt Naletko , you're certainly welcome at that time - as is anyone else who may want to attend.

Hey @Mark S.  , any update on the next meet-up? Let me know if you need assistance setting it up!

@Justin Fraser

I've been out of town for the past week and just got back. Right now I'm catching up on a few things, and working on the content for our next meeting. I hope to have some specifics available within a week.


I apologize for the delay. I've been working on trying to put something together for the next meeting. I don't want to call everyone together if we don't have a genuine agenda because I respect everyone's time and want this to be a group that provides value.

That being said, there will be no September meeting. We will definitely have our next meeting in October. Although the date is not yet set (because I'm still working on a location), it looks like it will probably be later in the month.

BTW.... for anyone concerned about missing out on the notification of the next meeting, look for the grey "Manage Keyword Alerts" button on the right and create a keyword alert for "Central Jersey Meeting". You should then receive an automated email when the next meeting details have been posted.

@Mark S.  

 Let me know how I can help. I may have a location we can use.

Is this still happening? I'll be interested in attending if so...

During the week is tough for me especially if it is over an hour away from me. If you have any on the weekend I could probably travel that far because I don't see any events happening in the north jersey area at the moment. Hope the meet goes very well. 

Hey is this still going on? I'd like to join in

The August 2014 meeting? No, that date has well passed. 

The group however still exists. If you'd like to be added to the mailing list to be informed of when the next meeting is just send me a PM with your email address.

I also plan to attend this meetup.  I am more experienced in the Distressed Mortgage sector of Real estate even though i own rental unit.  I am located in Jackson so if there is anyone else in the area feel free to hit me up.  Look forward to meeting others soon!

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