BWI Meetup - Baltimore

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  • 10/08/14 06:30PM
  • BWI Marriott - Baltmore, MD
  • Free

Disclaimer: BiggerPockets does not support or sponsor any meetups unless otherwise noted. Do your due diligence before attending any events. You may be agreeing to attend an event that includes promotion, pitching, or high-pressure sales tactics or techniques. There may be pitching of products, services or properties at this event!

The BWI meetup is Wednesday October 8 at 6:30 PM. 

Note New Location

It is at the BWI Marriott, 1743 West Nursery Road, Linthicum, MD. This is right by the BWI airport

Lots of Bigger Pockets members regularly show up. I will be there along with fellow BP moderator @J Scott.  Active members here on BP like @Christina R. @Terry Royce @Anil Samuel @Tyrus Shivers @Nancy Roth are all likely to be there so make sure to say hello and get to know other BP members in person. 

This meetup is free and regarded by those that attend as the best real estate investing group in the area. It is a great place to network. Both new and experienced investors always show up and everyone is made to feel welcome. 

The first meeting at new location is the start of some big changes for BWI meetup. It is still free but there will be new opportunities for mentoring and coaching. If you are anywhere in the Baltimore, Washington DC, Columbia, or Annapolis areas you should check this out.

Note: While this group is popular among local BP members is is in no way associated with Bigger Pockets and Bigger Pockets makes no endorsement of the group. 

I just like to promote it because it is my favorite group. I hope to see you there. - Ned Carey

Agreed with real estate meetup group I've been to...

Note: While this group is popular among local BP members is is in no way associated with Bigger Pockets and Bigger Pockets makes no endorsement of the group. 

I just like to promote it because it is my favorite group. I hope to see you there. - Ned Carey

My favorite group as well - hope to see some new faces as well as familiar ones tomorrow night!

I have been to various investor meetings in the area. This meetup has great content and is  an excellent opportunity to network with high performers!

How often are the meetings held?? Very interested in attending.

Originally posted by @Nicolas Rodriguez:

How often are the meetings held?? Very interested in attending.

 Second Wednesday of each month...

Ned meant there is NO pitching of products and services and no pressure tactics at the BWI Group. That by itself makes it exceptional, along with the absence of an attendance fee. Whoever may make money out of this group is doing it honestly, not exploitively.

What I like most about it is the sheer variety of people who attend from all corners of the real estate world. Along with rehabbers and wholesalers are property managers, title company people, land buyers and sellers, auctioneers, suppliers, contractors, haulers, tax lien experts (ahem, like Ned), funders and financiers, notes experts, and even a few realtors, etc. etc. Plus the attendees span the whole spectrum of experience, beginners to long-time pros. 

Of course everyone is looking to make a deal, but no one is obnoxiously pumping his or her business. It's not that kind of environment. But during the discussion you do get perspectives from many sides. 

They also have a listserv where members post their deals and inquiries. It's truly a great asset to the community. 

I personally have learned much that has sharpened my vision, and met many colleagues I can call on for advice. Not to mention, with whom I've subsequently done business. 

Highly, highly recommend. 

Sorry to have to Correct @Nancy Roth   but there will be a pitch for a Paid membership. Since the move to a substantially more expensive location to handle the growth, the founders can no longer shoulder all the costs. 

However basic entry is still free. I suspect there will be little change in the overall atmosphere of giving, sharing and helping. If anyone feels otherwise after attending please let me know and I will pass it along. The intention is to make this  the best club by giving the most value to the members.

When's the next one?

Are newbies with no experience welcome to attend this? I'm looking to soak up some knowledge in preparation of doing my first deal, just want to make sure this is the right venue for it.

@Ben Grotte   Sorry didn't see this until just now. It is the second Wednesday of every month.

@Marc M.   Yes newbies are certainly welcome. Many people who show up are new and have never done a  deal. I know of several regulars who hadn't done a deal when they first showed up  but have done deals now.

Ned I just joined BP, although I've been following it for a while. I'm from Annapolis and I'd like to join the group. I presume I've missed the November meeting. Will there be a December or postponed until next year?

@Steve Bradigan   I presume there will be a December meeting; 2nd Wednesday of the month.

@Ned Carey  thanks for the info. I also missed the November meeting but believe I'll be able to attend the December meeting. Looking forward to meeting everyone!

Is this still on for Wednesday? I'm planning to attend if it is. 

Yes it's still on, but to my immense regret I have a conflict this evening and can't attend. 

Do try to go. The people I've met there are great. That meeting fosters a culture of cooperation and collaboration among investors, rather than of competition and calculation. This is immensely helpful for folks just dipping their toes into the real estate world. 

When I began I had no acquaintances who were doing anything with real estate, so for me just finding out there were other normal, cool people with the same interest was edifying.

Good luck, hope to see you at the meeting after tonight's.

Nancy Roth

I'd love to come to this group meeting as I've heard great things about it, but alas my schedule doesn't allow me to get to Baltimore on weekday evenings.  I'm in the Gaithersburg area and looking to put together a meeting for Gaithersburg, Germantown, Rockville folks once a month starting in January.  I've got 5 names so far but looking for more.

This is not meant to hijack the thread so please don't reply here, just message me with your e-mail if you are interested and I'll keep you in the loop.  My e-mail is also in my profile.

Fantastic, glad to hear it's still on. See everyone in a few hours and Nancy, I look forward to meeting you at the next one.

Originally posted by @Marc M. :

@Ned Carey @Nancy Roth  @Christina R.  Is anyone planning on attending tonight?

Obviously I didn't make it. But I had a great time at an Aaron Neville concert in VA.

Had a great time last night and got to meet J. Scott! Definitely a much larger gathering than I was expecting, which is great. The two presenters shared a lot of useful info so props to whoever set them up.

After the last meeting it was like they've already outgrown the space.  It was very, very tight in that conference room.  There was a holiday party-type gathering right there afterwards which I'm sure was great  -- I left at 9:30 as the (awesome) presenters were still presenting.  I knew if I didn't leave then I wouldn't be home until extremely late which I have no problem with but that week was just too hectic to begin with.  I got there late because of work and paid the price with the seating...

Will be interested to see what happens in January with the space if the number of attendees keeps growing as it has.

Next BWI meetup is jan 14?  Just show up or register first?  When and where?

Never mind. Found the thread.

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