DENVER February 23rd Meetup!

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  • 02/23/15 06:00PM
  • 1308 E 17th Ave, Denver, Colorado 80218
  • Free

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Come on out!  We would love to meet you!


Bicycle Cafe - 1308 E 17th Ave, Denver, Colorado 80218

The gracious hosts at Bicycle have offered us drink specials, for BP meetup group only! $2 can specials for your group, as well as happy hour pricing for the evening, which is dollar off drafts/cider/wine.

Come join us!

This is pure networking, we can do introductions of what you do (or want to do) and your name, and then find someone who is doing what you want to do and tackle them.

If you want to jot down the dates for 2015, here they are:


thanks for organizing anson!!  love these events!

I posted this in the January meetup thread, AFTER the meetup.  Should have used some keywords, but it didnt get any traction so here it is again:

Originally posted by @Mitch H.:

Good to see everyone. I was chatting with @Kyle Doney about doing a REI/business book swap for next month. The idea woulld be you lend someone a book (interest free!) and they have until next months meeting to read and return it.

Anyone else interested?  I have a few that I would loan out:

Unofficial Guide to Real Estate Investing by Spencer Strauss and Martin Stone

What Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Know About Cash Flow by Frank Gallinelli

I think thats a great idea @Mitch H.  !

Most of my books are in storage, I'd have to find them but I encourage everyone to take Mitch up on his offer!

Ok, we got less than a week!

Originally posted by @Anson Young :

I think thats a great idea @Mitch H. !

Most of my books are in storage, I'd have to find them but I encourage everyone to take Mitch up on his offer!

Looking at my calendar, I will be in Texas for work.  My offer still stands, though, just not at Mondays meetup.

Glad I stumbled on to this post.  I'm not sure I can mke 2/23 (tomorrow), but thanks for posting the 2015 dates.  Will they always be at Bicycle.

Again, thanks.


unless something drastic happens, yes they will be at bicycle. 

We are still on for tonight...  get your snow shoes on and come hang out!

Great meetup last night.    Thanks so much for putting it on Anson.    I received a lot of great information and met some very knowledgeable people.     I look forward to seeing everyone next month.

Last night was fun and informative! Thanks for having us!

Hi everyone,

I'm new to posting and to the bigger pockets community but can't wait to meet everyone at the March meetup! Thanks for organizing all of this Anson! I just listened to Ep 34 and loved it, exciting to hear about your own neighborhood!

is there a 2016 schedule out? I am a newbie and I want to network with like minded folks. I live in Fort Collins but work in Denver. I would love to go to a meetup and start my new journey. Thank you for the help.

Hello everyone I'm looking for the BP Denver Meet up page and am having trouble finding it. Can anyone please help me. Ill be in Denver April 1st to 15th for a couple classes I am taking for work and will have some time to network on the weekends. I heard that BP actually hosts a meet up at their HQ and would love to attend it! 

@Bill S. thanks Bill but I dont think thats the one. I am looking for the one hosted at BP HQ.

Originally posted by @Anmmar Alsaggaf :

@Bill S. thanks Bill but I dont think thats the one. I am looking for the one hosted at BP HQ.

 That was 2/23, and was a special occasion!  My meetup is in Bill's link, BP let us crash their HQ for the 2/23 meeting only (for now).

@Anson Young I see thanks for clarifying. Would love to attend your meetup when I come in April or at least grab coffee/drink with some of you. 

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